Have you ever imagined if the entire casino building is full of men, yes, it must be very boring, no fresh air, no views that spoil the eyes of men, there are no interesting fishing rods for guests. That is why many casinos employ attractive, beautiful and sexy female employees, women are usually employed as waiters, dealers, bartenders, hosts or maybe customer service and other jobs.

Not only that, women who are in casinos are not just employees who work, but there are also many beautiful women who have the ability, have hobbies and are good at gambling, just like men, who are they, let’s get to know some women who could be nicknamed the queens of the gambling world.

  1. Krisztina Polgar, once won a prize money of US $ 21,000 at the Atlantic City casino. Her ex-lover is a legend in the world of poker gambling, Krisztina became interested and addicted to gambling because her ex-lover, with her special trick of dressing very sexy and Agen Casino Terbaik even tending to be provocative to distract her co-stars, Kirsztina managed to get a lot of victories.
  2. Tatjana Pasalic, a former professional poker player who is also a former rock singer is one of the hottest and sexiest women who are very popular in the world of poker, Tatjana was once one of the women in the list of the best and sexiest female players in the world of poker. But unfortunately for now everything remains a sweet memory, because now Tatjana has chosen a job as a poker presenter.
  3. Jennifer Tilly, with her beautiful and very seductive face, Jennifer has a career for 30 years as a famous artist, thanks to her ability to act well, Jennifer has also won an Academy Award trophy. Behind her successful and brilliant career, not many know that Jennifer has a hobby of gambling, so that she can play well and even very well, her love of poker also produces success and sweet results, in the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tours events, Jennifer has participated in 23 matches and won a brilliant victory in 2005. But now, his career ended because Jennifer chose to retire from the world of poker.
  4. Kimberley Lansing, has participated in the World Poker Tour in 2007 and won the runner-up position, Kimberley is famous and very well known in this game because in addition to his great playing skills, Kimberley has a very beautiful face so that not a single man is not. captivated by his face. Now Kimberley has stopped playing, because he is now focusing on being a presenter of a Poker event.
  5. Christina Lindley, the best poker queen in the world, seems to be a suitable nickname for a Christina, because through a long career, she started her career in poker since 2008, Christina managed to score brilliant achievements in the world of poker both in regular matches and in matches. online poker, her income is more than US $ 1 million, and Christina has also won the online poker world championship with a total prize of US $ 127,000.
  6. Sonja Kovac, a woman from Croatia who is very good at playing poker, may not be the greatest yet, but her skills are not in doubt, and Sonja has won a victory worth US $ 15,000.
  7. Maria Ho, is the third best female player in the world of poker, now Maria has a total wealth of more than US $ 2.5 million which she earned from victory after win while winning the game of poker. After Maria moved to California, she also decided to quit the world of poker, and chose to become a poker presenter in California.
  8. Liv Boeree, made an important record in the world of poker, how could you not, 10 years of struggling with the world of poker, playing regularly, having excellent strategy and game tricks, made Liv very famous and earned the nickname The Iron Maiden, because in a Poker Tour match. Europe, which was held in Sanremo, Liv managed to bring home a prize worth US $ 2.8 million
  9. Lacey Jones, who is now more focused on developing a poker tour for the US squad, was doing well for almost 10 years, during which Lacey was one of the best female poker players in her class, and her dazzling appearance captured the attention of everyone who saw her. .
  10. Xuan Liu, his beautiful face, sexy stature and talent in the game of poker, once gave Xuan Liu an unforgettable gambling career, at the peak of his career he was recorded as having won third place in a match at Sanremo and at that time he managed to get a prize worth US. $ 1.5 million. Through her successful career, Xuan Liu’s name entered as one of the most successful women in the world of poker.
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The list of names above is a small part of the best poker gambling players who have ever made brilliant achievements in the world of poker, not only with their beautiful faces and sexy bodies, but they have the ability to arrange cards, create strategies and golden hands that have succeeded in bringing luck into the world. Their life. Get other interesting information about the latest and updated news in the world of online soccer gambling and others only on this site , which is the official site of sbobet88 and your trusted pride site.