Whether we realize it or not, all people in the world like all things gambling, they like betting activities and actions whose results are uncertain, they like the sensation of betting and moreover they like the sparkling wins that occur, this makes gambling more lively and The more they enjoy doing every day, gambling fans and players, the number is always increasing every day. Gambling around the world adheres to a relatively similar system and type of game, where poker, blackjack, roulette, slot machines and sports betting are the most popular types of games of all time. The types of games above are very global and are often played by many people from all walks of life. This is what causes gambling in the world to experience a sharp increase, and there are even some countries that can be said to be a gambling enthusiast country because it is seen from the total value of the bet and the total loss of a player with a number that is Agen Bola Terbesar quite spectacular each year. Which countries are classified as gambling-crazy countries, let’s look at the discussion:

  1. 65% of the population of Spain chooses gambling through sports betting as their betting medium, and 35% of the population of Spain chooses poker and casino games. Gambling is very popular in Spain and to suppress gambling in Spain the Spanish government imposes a state tax of 20% on each lottery prize. In 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Spain, ever exceeding US $ 418.
  2. As we know, now Greece has succeeded in reducing the gambling figure to US $ 2.3 billion after several years earlier Greece experienced an economic crisis shock. A gambling company controlled by the OPAP country, which also has monopoly rights in the gambling industry in Greece, had to be relinquished and sold to solve the financial problems of the Greek government. In 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Greece, ever exceeding US $ 420.
  3. The gambling business industry in Norway is only controlled by two industries, namely Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto, only these two bodies have the permission to offer all forms of betting in Norway, because other than that it will be considered illegal gambling. However, since 2010, the Norwegian government has been ridiculed by its residents for enforcing laws that the people consider unwise, where Norwegian bank customers cannot use debit card access at gambling casinos around the world, both land casinos and online casinos. In 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Norway, ever exceeding US $ 448.
  4. Hong Kong has become one of the countries that has succeeded in collecting taxes and benefiting greatly from the gambling industry because the Hong Kong government imposes tax levies on all existing gambling winnings. Gambling in Hong Kong will only be considered legal if players play through the Hong Kong Jockey Club, where the Hong Kong Jockey Club offers various types of bets such as lottery, horse racing and sports betting. The Hongkong Jockey Club is also listed as the largest single taxpayer in Hong Kong. In its 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Hong Kong, has exceeded the US $ 503 mark.
  5. Approximately 10 years ago, government regulations regarding the gambling industry in Italy were rated very loosely, causing a surge in gambling activities in the country. As a result, in 2014, there were six regions in the country that issued laws to restrict gambling and these regulations are also primarily aimed at gambling addicts who need to be cured. In its 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Italy has ever exceeded US $ 517.
  6. The Finnish government responds to gambling very wisely and well, because the Finnish government is trying to get as much profit as possible from the gambling industry which is obviously very profitable. In Finland, gambling is regulated as a national monopoly which assists the government in 3 aspects, namely, health, social improvement and social organization. In 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Finland, ever exceeding US $ 553.
  7. Canada is one of the countries that legalizes gambling and through Canadian favorite games, such as blackjack, poker and sports betting, the Canadian government has managed to get a sizable profit. Currently the Canadian government is also asking all operating casinos to make detailed and detailed bookkeeping because they are currently in the process of introducing new regulations regarding online casinos. In its 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Canada, ever exceeding US $ 568.
  8. In Ireland, Paddy Power is the largest sports betting bookie that has succeeded in presenting the action of land gambling and online gambling, and its activities are well known and recognized by the whole world. Even though the Irish state legalizes gambling and provides legal protection for casinos to develop their business, what is unique about Irish residents is that they prefer this type of land gambling game. In its 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Ireland, ever exceeding US $ 588.
  9. With the establishment of 2 of the largest and most magnificent casinos, namely Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa, Singapore has managed to attract the hearts of tourists to try their luck in these casinos. And finally, Singapore is one of the main destinations for gambling players to channel their hobby. In its 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Singapore, ever exceeding US $ 1,174.
  10. 80% of the Australian population is active in gambling, and the advantage for Australian residents is that there is no winnings tax for the winners, and this is the very reason people gamble with enthusiasm. However, Australia has succeeded in becoming a strong and developing country and its people are living in prosperity. Australia is the biggest gambling enthusiast country because in its 1 year, the highest loss rate from a gambling player in Australia, has ever exceeded US $ 1,288.
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Because this gambling game is very global and has become everyone’s game, now gambling games are also present in the form of online gambling. So for those of you who are residents of the country of Indonesia, even though you cannot enjoy the sensation of playing land gambling in this country, you don’t need to worry, because now there is online gambling that can be accessed and played at any time, which of course is also the sites. provides an exciting and interesting game and lucrative prizes.