A Brief History of the Emergence of Poker Gambling from Around the World

It turns out that online poker gambling emerged from several centuries ago from China, Egypt, Persia, France, Germany and even Spain. It is estimated that online poker gambling has existed and finally evolved over a decade from a variety of games, using the basic principles of dominoes and also ranking card combinations and the use of ‘grappling’ to deceive existing opponents.

A Brief History of Poker Gambling from various Countries

One well-known belief is that this online poker gambling game is similar to a game that was first discovered by the Chinese, around the year 969 AD, when Sultan Mutsung was reported to have played the game of dominoes first. At that time he was reportedly playing with his wife on New Year’s Eve.

Then in Egypt, around the 12th and 13th centuries, it was known that the game of poker actually existed because it was known that the Egyptians had used a form of card game and in the 16th century, the Persian “Ganjifa” or what was called the “Treasure” Card. used as a betting game. One Ganjifa deck consists of 96 complex cards. These ganjifa are often made of ivory thin paper or it can be valuable wood. Persia itself plays as “Nas” which is used with 25 cards, hand betting rounds and ranking hierarchy.

Not only in China and Egypt, from France also poker has its own story. In France there is a game called Poque. In Germany there is a game called Pochen. Both were famous daftar judi qq online in the 17th and 18th centuries, having developed from Spain in the 16th century under the name Primero. This primero is what is often referred to as “mother poker”. And it is this mother poker that is confirmed to be a live game that is directly related to modern poker.

It turns out that it is very interesting, yes, to Bandar Sbobet Resmi the history of poker from various countries around the world.

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Invention of the First Texas Hold’em Poker Game

The invention of the game Texas Hold’em Poker began in Texas, then brought to Los Angeles, and finally to Las Vegas. You must be familiar with a game called Texas Hold’em Poker, right? but not many of you know about the discovery of this one game. Finally, the Texas State Legislature officially recognized Robstown, Texas, USA, as the city where the game of poker was born in the early 1900s.

The invention of Texas Hold’em Poker

After the game finally spread all over Texas, Hold’em was finally introduced to Las Vegas, precisely in 1967. The game was introduced by a group of Texas gamblers as well as other card players including Crandell Addington, Amarillo Slim and Doyle Brunson.

Addinson himself said that the first time he saw this Poker game was in 1959. “At that time they didn’t call it Texas Hold’em, they just called it Hold’em… then I thought that the game could become popular and could even become a competition. in the Draw Poker game, you can bet only 2 times. But in Hold’em games, you can even bet 4 times. That means you can play strategically, it’s more than a thinking game, “he said.

Then over the years, the Golden Nugget Casino in Downtown Las Vegas has become the only casino in Las Vegas that provides this poker game. formerly the playground was still classified as a low-class place, not many clients of the rich. But in the end the professional players looked for a more prominent place. And finally in 1969, the game was brought into the Dunes Casino in Las Vegas.

No wonder, until now, Las Vegas is still famous as a place where you can play poker.