Agent Joker Panthera Pardus Victory 123 Slots

Anyone who plays at the Joker 123 agent the main goal of playing the Joker 123 slot game is to get a high value winnings so that the player can get an advantage quickly. If you are playing a joker 123 slot game called Panthera Pardus where this game is provided by the Joekr 123 slot agent then you must know how to win in this Panthera Pardus game. You already understand that this game is a game with the theme of a tiger. Here is some information about winning when playing the Pathera Pardus game, did you know that the Pnthera Pardus game has a winning system that gives lots of big prizes. To know more about the clarity, see the information below.

  • Purple panther

The first win in the Panthera Pardus game is in the Agent Joker 123 slot where this game situs judi bola terbaik gives the purple panther a win. Where in this purple pather victory the player must collect the purple panther animal symbol in the same row if the player succeeds in arranging the purple panther symbol then the player will get a high win from this game. Because purple pather has a high winning value compared to other wins.

  • White Tiger

The next win that players can get when they play the Pathera Pardus game is the victory of the white tiger symbol. In this victory, the player must form the same white tiger symbol. For the winning value of the Bandar Slot Online tiger symbol, the victory value is below that of the purple pather. So here the purple panther has the first winning position and the second one is the white tiger. If later when playing the pathera pardus slot game you can’t win the purple panther then you can work on yourself to win this white tiger.

  • Leopard
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The third win in the game in the 123 slot agent joker, where this Pathera Pardus game has a leopard win. You already know that the game Panthera Pardus does use the symbol of wild animals such as tigers and their siblings. If the player gets the same leopard symbol in one line then the player will get a win below the white tiger’s winning value. Because indeed in this Pardus Panthera game, it has a winning system that is gradual from high to low winning values.

  • Freespin

For the last victory from Panthera Pardus where this game has a free spin or free spin, the player who gets the freespin victory will enjoy the Pardus Panthera game for free without the need to spend more capital to play. To be able to get this freespin win, players must be able to collect the tiger’s foot symbol on line 2 to row 4. This means that the tiger foot symbol must fill 3 rows of slots at once if they want to get this freespin prize. The freespin winnings have a winning rate below the leopard wins, so later the bonuses the nominal player will get are smaller.

Such is our explanation regarding the Pathera Pardus victory in the 123 slot joker agent. from the information above you can know what kind of winnings. Hopefully this information can help players win in the Panthera Pardus game and determine which wins they can get while playing.