Basketball is one of the sports for which bets are made

Basketball is a sport between two teams that compete for one ball and put it in the basket, of course by obeying the existing game rules. For one team consists of 5 players. In this team, each player has duties such as Center Guard, Forward, Guard who have their respective duties in this match

The Beginning of Basketball Games Created

In its history, this basketball was created by a doctor and physical education teacher named Dr. James Naismith in 1891. This basketball was created when the doctor wanted his students to still be able to exercise indoors during winter. Sports that require physical movement, eye Agen Casino Online and hand coordination, such as feet to be able to jump and run, hands to carry the ball, throw and shoot the ball, finally created this sport of basketball.

Initially the ball used was a soccer ball, such as an American football ball that was flat, by using the hands instead of the feet. Yang was thrown into a basket of peaches attached to the wall of the sports hall. Only after that in 1893 a special basketball was made, made of round rubber bags covered by leather panels and then sewn so that it was neat and not messy. Because before the leather is attached to a rubber bag, it is covered with a thin cloth too, so it must be sewn to make it strong.

In its development, this basketball was finally found a synthetic leather material that can be shaped like a basketball which is now round and until recently used and became the ideal ball for playing basketball. This game has become one of the fun sports that can be played indoors in winter, and since those early years Dr. James Naismith and the YMCA where he teaches have started to make game rules out of this sport.

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It didn’t take long for this sport to develop and be accepted as an official sport and baskettball is included in the English dictionary as the name of the sport. Basketball is so popular that it’s not only played during the cold season, but started to be played in the spring, summer and fall. Then began the internal school basketball competition, between schools, between universities, between cities, between regions, to between states in the United States. Which in its development became an international sport