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Senioragen is a trusted website and online cockfighting gambling site in Indonesia, since Senioragen’s presence as an online bookie, s128 cockfighting is one of the breakthroughs because our site has the most battle schedules and s128 has the clearest HD quality.

S128 itself can also be said to be the best and largest cockfighting gambling provider in Southeast Asia. For this cockfighting site, S128 is a cockfighting agent that deserves a thumbs up because it has a different system from other providers.

The game of cockfighting is now a favorite game for the Indonesian people because cockfighting itself is actually a sacred ritual used to ward off evil spirits, but nowadays cockfighting is not the same as it used to be.

Trusted S128 Cockfighting Lists

For those of you who are interested in trying this cockfighting Agen Judi Sbobet Resmi gambling game, we are ready to serve you in the process of creating ID and Password. In the process of making an ID and Password, only the name, account number, type of bank and cellphone / whatsapp number are required.

If you want to play other online gambling games, Senioragen also has other online gambling games such as Football, Casino, Shoot fish, Slots, Tangkasnet, Ceme, Poker, Domino, Samgong, Togel and so on.

The products offered by Senioragen will definitely not disappoint, all the products we provide are only trusted products and of course these providers have no fairplay settings.

S1288 Indonesian Cockfighting

S1288 Indonesia is the official site from the Philippines which has an official license, now here to serve all Indonesian people to be able to play s1288 online cockfighting bets . For those of you who are interested and want to try playing with Senioragen, please click the link beside S1288.

With more than 10 years of experience, Senioragen has served hundreds of thousands of online gambling members who play with us. Starting from super fast transactions in the registration process, deposits and withdrawals that are guaranteed to be 1000% guaranteed to be paid if you win.

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And supported by professional customer service online 24 hours a day ready to help you, not only that, our agents also provide bonuses that are no less interesting.

Senioragen S128 Cockfighting Bonus

5% Deposit Bonus + 50% New Member

  • Promo applies to all types of games.
  • Minimum deposit of IDR 100,000.
  • For bets, there is no left / right bet.
  • The Bonus Promo is Void if there are similarities in IP data, name and account number, cellphone number, and email or other data with other members.

Cash Back Bonus 5% – 10% Every Week

  • The CASHBACK bonus is only given to players who lose more than IDR 200,000
  • The bonus will be given every Monday at 03:00 noon WIB.
  • The bonus does not apply if a member does a safety bet / right and left bet.
  • There is no maximum cashback, if you lose IDR 1 billion, the agent will still give you a full cashback bonus.
  • Valid for Sportsbook, Casino, Slots, Tangkasnet and Cockfighting games.

10% lifetime bonus for inviting friends to play

  • Bonuses are given to anyone who invites their friends to join the Senior Agent.
  • The initial bonus will be awarded as much as 10% of the referred upfront deposit amount.
  • The bonus will be given if your friend has completed 3 times the turnover of the total deposit.
  • Henceforth the referral bonus is calculated from the total loss then multiplied by 2%
  • There is no limit to referring friends. The more you invite your friends, the more bonuses you will get.
  • The Bonus Promo is Void if there are similarities in IP data, name and account number, cellphone number, and email or other data with other members.