Difference between Poker and Capsa Susun

The world of card games has always been an interesting thing. There are many variations of the game in it that will make you feel at home playing gambling for a long time. some card games that are quite popular are poker and capsa susun.

These two games are often considered to be similar because they use the same card media and play almost the same way. There are certainly differences between poker and capsa susun.

Of course, old players who already know this game already know what the differences are and how to play it. But if you are still a beginner, you will be a little confused in qq deposit pulsa these two games, what’s the difference, how to play them. Come on, look at the following reviews!

Difference between Poker and Capsa Susun

  • Capsa Susun game

In this game, there are 13 cards given to players, arranged from bottom to top in the order of 5–5–3, and each player holds 13 cards. The meaning of the capsa stack itself is 13, so you have to arrange 13 cards.

In the capsa susun game, it is important to see a combination of cards for each level of cards that have been dealt. Now you have to understand the card combination in the capsa stack game and the poker game, because it is the most important element in this game.

The significant difference that can be obtained from these two games is if in a poker game there are community cards or cards in the middle of the game table. As for the capsa susun game, you will not find a card in the middle of the table, only the cards held by each player.

  • Poker Games
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In this poker game, players only receive 2 Agen Bola Indonesia, there will be 5 cards in the middle of the table, or it can be called a community card. Later in this game, you will place 2 cards in your hand by making the highest card combination.

Therefore, if you play poker when the combination of hand and community cards is not allowed together. Don’t push to increase your stakes, because you might lose and go broke

But if you think your card combination is high and you can participate in the game, you can either increase your stakes, or you are pretty sure that your cards can be all-in, so that you can benefit from the game.

That was a brief description of the differences between the two games of poker and Capsa Susun, which both use playing cards as media. Hope this is useful!