1. Make sure the winning target is determined to be achieved until you continue when you have met the target.

2. Enter the IDN poker game table, then make an assessment of all walking conditions at the table for this. Because you need to know where the Duudk area has a better chance of getting a good card and you can record the enemy’s game, so you can imitate it or find a solution to block it while playing.

3. You can seize the seating area that has a higher chance of winning, by the same token that you already have 50% wins in playing.

4. Play Idn play poker without the need to increase the bet deposit pulsa poker, because some are so that the game scheme being played cannot be read by the enemy. like you study the game completed by the enemy, of course the enemy and study the game and your abilities. So make sure your game can’t be guessed by the enemy.

5. Sometimes let the enemy win, but be optimistic that the enemy who wins is the enemy who has a lot of capital, because you can provoke his emotions smoothly in the round after that. So you can beat it if Bandar Bola Terbesar  player gets emotional.

6. Continue to be firm with ourselves, because if you are already on the target of victory or target of defeat, then stop quickly. Because you need to promise yourself, that’s why when you play the game, you can be disciplined to run the tips.

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