A 21 year old young man from the United States, known as The Lucky Man, has the real name Joseph Cada, commonly known as Joe Cada. He really got a gift from the gods, because he had extraordinary luck, so he is often also considered the youngest god of gambling in the world.

How could he not, through his skill at playing poker gambling, he often won and scored achievements in various international class poker gambling tournaments. Joe broke a new record as the youngest gambling god, beating the previous record held by Phil Hellmuth (at 24 years old) and Petrus Eastgate (at 22 years old).

Previously Joe Cada was a professional poker player, Joe was the winner at the main event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 2009. Joe himself started playing poker at the age of 16 years, by risking his account and losing all the money in his savings, did not stop his desire and obsession to try this game of poker. Until finally at the age of 21, Joe won the tournament with a winning advantage Casino Sbobet of US $ 500,000, then the victory continued and the goddess of fortune always sided with Joe, victory after victory was achieved, until finally Joe got the next win with a total prize of US $ 8,550. 000 or the equivalent of 80 billion rupiah, which brought him the title of the Youngest Gambling God in the world.

Although his family did not agree with the profession that Joe chose, Joe still struggled with the world of poker and he took on the role of a statesman in political circles who supported the legalization of gambling. In an interview with Joe, Joe expressed his thoughts on the laws related to the world of gambling, Joe said that he supported the right of everyone to be able to play poker online, because according to him poker was not a gambling activity, but an activity, hobby and game. Poker is also not about luck but about logic in decision making, so Joe expects all players to be able to play poker on the online web and rely on careful calculation and logic.

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The story of Joe Cada’s life as the youngest billionaire who can be said to be successful because he has successfully pocketed abundant wealth, does not necessarily make him forget himself, Joe does not waste money recklessly, Joe still thinks about his future as well as his plan to buy a second home. in Las Vegas and his plans to open a bar business in Nevada.

Of course it is the dream of all online gambling players to enjoy a little and reap profits through sweet wins and a tantalizing amount of money, to get to that point, as Joe said, is not just luck, but requires careful logic and calculations, as well as tricks and strategies. which is good in every game. You can get various information and tips on playing gambling strategies properly through the sbobet88 site which always updates the latest information.

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