Here are the 2020 Edition of Maxbet, IBCBET and Novabet Alternative Sites

On this page we will provide an alternative site or link to the Maxbet, IBCBET and Novabet 2020 Edition sites. At the time of writing, the link is still active and has not been exposed to positive internet.

The Minister of Communication and Informatics is getting fiercer !! Well, recently online gambling sites have been diligently cleared by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia. If there is positive internet writing on the screen of your smartphone or other gadget, don’t worry.

The damage does not occur to your gadget, you are just heading to a site that has been blocked by positive internet from the government. Positive internet itself is a campaign from the ministry to eradicate gambling and pornographic content sites.

In order to continue to serve our members agen sbobet, one of the games from the bookie that we hold the license, namely Maxbet (formerly known as Ibcbet, now Novabet) is also aggressively providing alternative sites so that members can still enjoy playing on Maxbet.

IBCBET is an online gambling provider known as the International Betting Company (IBC) and is based in the Philippines. IBCBET has changed its name several times from Maxbet to now Novabet. IBCBET has a reputation as good as its competitor in the Southeast Asia area, namely SBOBET.

Because there are so many online gambling enthusiasts in Indonesia who like to be users of IBCBET, the government continues to block access to this site. In order to continue serving its members, IBCBET also continues to update by changing names and creating several alternative sites so that the business of serving customers continues.

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For the mobile version, you can simply add wap on the sites above. For example, if you click the link on your PC or laptop. So for smartphone devices, you can change it to so that it is more mobile and has a lighter appearance.

Do I have to access alternative sites to play on IBCBET?

For members who are lazy to change access addresses for any reason. Actually there are several other ways to be able to access the IBCBET site.

There are several things you can do to keep visiting the IBCBET / Maxbet / Novabet sites in a number of ways as below:

  • You can try several alternative browsers (google chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, UC Browser). Not all browsers are blocked by the government, sometimes there are several browsers that can still access the site freely.
  • You can change the Internet Provider you are using. There are internet providers that do not block this site.
  • Sometimes clean your browsing history by diligently doing Clear History, Clear Cache, and Clear cookies before accessing the IBCBET site
  • Change the Proxy / IP address by downloading additional applications such as the Hotspot Shield VPN (Virtual Private Network) application, both free and paid.

Of course, with this alternative link, we Sbobet88 hope to help our members continue to play on your favorite site IBCBET / MAXBET / NOVABET.