History and How to Play Indonesian Sakong

History and How to Play Sakong Indonesia – Sakong Indonesia is a card gambling game that can test the skills of its players.

Learn the sack

Since its appearance in Indonesia in 2007, the Sakong game has begun to attract the attention of card gambling players in Indonesia. Although not as popular as other card games, this Sakong game is also in high demand.

History Game Sakong

Judging from the name, Sakong himself has seen a Chinese (Chinese) element. The name Sakong itself consists of 2 words, namely SA which means 3, and KONG which means King. So, when put together, Sakong Indonesia is interpreted as a game of THREE KINGS. Indeed, the Sakong lineage itself comes from community games in the Ancient Chinese Kingdom.

In the old days itself, the Sakong game itself did not use Remi Cards. However, the Sakong game itself uses pebbles and slowly, the game uses Tarot Cards. As time went on, this Sakong game situs qq deposit pulsa began to use Remi Cards like the game now.

So, historically, the Sakong game itself has existed since ancient times. Evidenced by the origin of the game which comes from the days of the Ancient Chinese Kingdom. Then in Indonesia itself, it started to enter in 2007. And now, Sakong Indonesia games are available online without having to find your own opponent.

How to Play Game Sakong

For novice players, don’t worry about having trouble playing the Sakong card gambling game in Indonesia online. Because the game is very easy to understand. The game itself is played by 2-8 people at a time. This Sakong game consists of 2 parties, including the Bandar and the Installer.

Indonesian Sakong players can choose to become a City or Installer in the online Sakong game. However, every player who wants to Agen Casino Online a City must have sufficient credit. The more credits you have, the greater your chances of being a city in every game. So, it is important for players to collect as much credit.

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Furthermore, in online games, players must pay attention and understand how to count cards. Every game round, players will be given 3 Rummy cards by the online system. The Sakong card game itself is the installer against the dealer alone.

The way to play Sakong Indonesia is that any player who has a larger number of cards, then that player is the winner.

The Bandar itself has a greater chance of winning than the Installer. Because the opportunity to get a card with a large amount of value can be won by the Bandar.

So, it can be said that in the online Sakong Indonesia gambling card game the Bandar is more profitable than the Installer. Well, there are several types of cards that can bring jackpot prizes to Sakong card gambling players. For players who get these types of cards, it is certain that the coffers of profits will be very large.

The types of cards that will be mentioned here are the highest to lowest cards that will get the jackpot for the players who get them. The first type of card is a Jakcpot AAA Combination (Triple US). The second is the KKK ( Triple King ) Jackpot Combination . The third card is the QQQ ( Triple Queen ) Jackpot Combination .

The fourth card is the JJJ (Triple Jack) Jackpot Combination . Jackpot combination 10 10 10 (Triple Ten), and the last type of card combination is Jackpot 3 Pictures. Each type of card combination has a chance for the players to get. For those who are lucky, it is certain that jackpot benefits will be obtained in the online Sakong Indonesia card game .

That’s the history and how to play Sakong Indonesia cards online. Players who will try to start playing Sakong card gambling can follow the methods described. Play immediately and try your luck right away to get the Jackpot combination !