History of Football to Become a Gambling Event

For the public, especially football lovers, they must be familiar with soccer gambling. Currently watching football also feels less if the audience doesn’t bet on the match they are watching. In the millennial era, trying your luck while watching soccer matches has become a hobby. Various teams and leagues, especially the English and Italian leagues are the favorites of gamblers. But do you know the history of the game of football so that it is used as a betting arena in this game?

History of Football to Become a World Event

If the game of football now uses a ball made of rubber covered with leather on the outside, but in the past this soccer ball was made of leather and wood fibers. If you think that football originated in Europe you are wrong. The game of football was originally played by Chinese people around the 2nd and 3rd century BC, namely during the Han dynasty.

Because this game is very exciting and can improve team and Agen Sbobet group cooperation, this soccer ball game has become known by the European community through Chinese – European traders. Football (hereinafter called football) was first played by England which later developed throughout the world.

England Once Banned the Game of Football

In the 13th century AD, this soccer game was once banned during the reign of King Edward III because the game of football provoked conflict that caused fights and riots in the community. But in 1816 this game was played again after schools and universities headed by the Freemasons Tavern and later known as modern football.

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After that in 1863 a meeting was held to draft rules and regulations in the game of football, until in 1869 there was a rule that regulated that hands were not allowed to touch the ball during a soccer match, which we now call Hand Ball. Until finally in 1904 an exclusive football federation called FIFA was formed.

The Beginning Of Football As An Event For Gambling

Based on the results of research conducted by researchers in the history of football, the emergence of gambling involving the game of football began in 1820, which began with an English nobleman named Charles Duke Of Chamberlain who at that time challenged his friend to bet 2 gold coins because of the football team they supported. different. Since this bet was played by aristocrats, it was a prestigious bet that only aristocrats could play.

Only the aristocrats and rich people of that era were able to present the game of football. This is because the game of football is played by 22 people and requires a large field which of course requires a large amount of money to hold this game.