How to get the maximum Joker388 turnover bonus

Joker388 – Have you ever heard of the term bonus turnover on joker388? Turnover is an added bonus that you can get when betting. The more you bet, the more bonus you get. This bonus is very influential in online slot games because this bet has a very fast effect.

The joker388 slot game is perfect for those of you who want to receive such a large amount of bonuses. So this is called bonus turnover, every player with this bonus will definitely not consider winning the bet again. Why is that? Because if you focus on making a lot of money from this slot game, the benefits that can be achieved are much greater.

While these slot games are easy enough to win, players clearly want bigger wins. The real goal of the players playing this slot is that they want to get a huge joker388 turnover bonus every week. For those of you who want to get a satisfying bonus amount, you need to know how to maximize this betting bonus yourself.

How to maximize the Joker388 turnover bonus

For those of you who haven’t made a lot of joker388 turnover cmd368, the bonus you get every week is of course very small. However, if you already know how to maximize your turnover bonus performance, the benefits that you can get every week are plentiful and very profitable. To get to this point, here are three methods you can use to earn your own turnover bonus:

  • Always play at low value stakes

If you want to hit a big joker388 total turnover, make sure you always bet low stakes. Why is that? Because with the lowest stakes, you don’t have to worry about running out of capital. So your goal here is to change the turnover as much as possible so as not to receive a profit bonus.

  • Play the type of slot with the largest payline
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In order to receive the maximum bonus turnover, you cannot simply choose the type of play. Why is that? Because there are two types of machines that you can use, including big and small paylines. Where the slot with the biggest payline will be won easier and vice versa. So before playing, make sure you only choose the slots with the largest paylines.

  • Play multiple slot accounts at once

The more turnover generated, so there will be a bonus that you get. To make a large turnover, you can play multiple accounts simultaneously in the same game. So, you can combine your total account turnover to make a big bonus.

Those are the 3 methods above that will help you get the maximum benefit of the Joker388 turnover bonus. When you are still having trouble getting large amounts of benefits, you can use the methods we describe here.