How to play Qiu Qiu or 99

This qiu qiu game has been around for a long time, originally from China, it is not known exactly when this game existed. While the card used is a domino card, it is said that this game entered Indonesia, brought by Chinese people when they entered Indonesia

Usually this game is played from the upper class to the lower class and is one of the favorite entertainment games. Qiu qiu is one of the games played when hanging out at a friend’s house

In its development, this qiu qiu game began to be played by the local community and it has become commonplace for everyone, even as a bet. If you visit the SBOBET88 site then you can also play this game online 24 hours and seven days

The cards used to play are not just dominoes, playing cards can also be used for this qiu qiu game. It’s just that if you use playing cards, jack, queen, king and joker cards are not used. Only cards from one to ten are used

The way to play is simple, namely to arrange four cards so that they have a maximum value or number, namely the number ninety-nine. At the beginning of the game Agen Sbobet Terbaru the cards that are not dealt are four cards directly, but two cards first.

Example of a game on a domino card

Example on domino cards: two dominoes of value, the first card is the top two, the bottom is six. Then the sum is eight.

The second domino card, the top three, the bottom four, then the number of cards is seven.

So the total of these two domino cards is 8 + 7 = 15.
So what is taken is the last number, which is 5

The domino card which has the top three is five and the bottom part is two, then the number of cards is seven.

For the fourth or last card, the top four and the bottom six, that number of cards is ten.

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Then the total of the cards is 7 + 10 = 17. Then the number drawn is 7

Then the cards in the hand are 7 and 5, the cards can be alternated between the four cards to produce the greatest value

Examples of games on playing cards:

There are 4 cards that will be distributed, our task is to arrange the existing card combinations to get the highest number. The way it is arranged is divided by the two cards that are obtained.

For example, the first two cards that are dealt are two and seven, then the number of cards is nine.

Now the next card that is divided is five and nine, then the total of the cards is fourteen, which is the last number that is taken, which is four.

So from the 4 combination cards, the biggest number we can get is 94

In this game there are levels higher than the number 99

In the game of playing cards and dominoes, there are terms

  • Murni Kecil, namely the number of circles or numbers from the four cards that are dealt a maximum of 9 circles or totaling nine or under nine

In the domino game, there is more detail, above is pure small:

  • Pure large, namely from the four cards that share the number of circles reaching a minimum of 39 circles and above
  • The 4 Balak cards, which are among the four cards dealt, all have twin circles on the bottom
  • Dewa Card / or a six god card, is among the four cards dealt, all cards have a circle of 6 on one side

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