IBCBET, Professional and Experienced Online Football Gambling Site

IBCBET (International Betting Company) is an online football betting site that is experienced and trusted by many soccer bettors in Indonesia. IBCBET is a betting house branding that is well known and trusted by online soccer betting bettors in Indonesia.

The IBCBET site itself was first operational in the early 2000s, when the internet was still being introduced. At that time, IBCBET was easily accessible under the website name www.ibcbet.com which was their main website. Together with Sbobet, Ibcbet is a subscription site for those who like to bet online soccer gambling. We Sbobet88 as a trusted online gambling agent Situs Sbobet Online , provide access for those of you who want to play there. We provide registration and deposit for those who want to play on IBCBET.

Apart from providing sportbookies games (sports betting), IBCBET also now provides online casino products, where games such as baccarat, poker and online roulette can now be played at IBCBET.

IBCBET changed its name to Maxbet and now Novabet

Recently many have asked why the IBCBET site changed its name? Well IBCBET did change its name several times. This is because IBCBET often gets blocked from several Asian countries that prohibit online gambling, where one of the countries is Indonesia.

IBCBET also had time to rebrand and changed its name to Maxbet. The name change itself was not long, now 6-7 years have passed, the name Maxbet has changed again and is now Novabet. The purpose of this name change itself is that it is possible for this Philippine-based bookie to buy alternative domains more easily or if there is a request from IBCBET shareholders.

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