If we hear the word “gangster” then the first thing that often comes to our mind is yakuza, this Japanese gangster is very attached and well-known and familiar to our ears, even the stories of violence and cruelty are well known to many people. Yakuza gangsters in Japan are still echoing, and their figures can still be found, because it is very difficult to eradicate, because they have also controlled most areas in Japan and they have their own tough and cruel rules that are obligatory and must be followed. obey by every member of the yakuza gangster.

Not only in Japan, in South Korea there is also a well-known gangster, namely Jopok or an abbreviation of Jojik Polyeokbae, or what can be called an organized crime group. The business of Jopok gangsters is usually more formal, as they are usually involved in protecting some nightclubs, gambling houses or casinos and also protecting certain crimes. Jopok is the backbone of the underground industry in South Korea.

There is a story that is the most famous of this South Korean gangster Agen Bola Resmi, a gang called the Black Shark gang that was founded around 1995, its founder, Chom Jae Young, is reportedly affiliated with Ssang Yong Pa, a large company from Busan. But when the South Korean government enacted a law on gangsters and wiped out the gangsters, Chom Jae Young as the gangster leader fled and fled to the United States. In the United States Chom Jae Young re-founded a new gangster named Gangster Pa, where Gangster Pa’s activities remain the same, endangering and unsettling society because they endanger people’s lives by extortion, robbery and smuggling illegal drugs.

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Pa’s gangster crime is getting worse because these gangsters become blood leeches, commit insurance fraud and commit illegal gambling and prostitution, and the worst is human trafficking. However, in 2005, Black Shark gangsters again shocked and scared the Koreans because they fought against a small gangster called The Gongs gang, as for the criminal acts in this “war” they carried out bombings, shootings, kidnappings, raids, and murders, this incident took place. for 2 years, from 2005 to 2007 until Chom Jae Young’s death. The “war” of these two gangsters caused huge losses for both parties and South Koreans.

The activities of these gangster or mafia groups are indeed very scary, both in Korea and in Japan, they are still frightening and very disturbing to local residents, because they do not hesitate to make disturbances, commit crimes and even dare to kill anyone who dares to fight them. The harshness of the life of the gangsters and the sadistic way they treat their enemies or opponents are examples that humans can act brutally and very inhumanely when they feel they are powerful and have power beyond the strength of those around them. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing friends or when playing gambling, because usually in the world of gambling, there are also many mafia or gangsters who infiltrate and often make trouble indiscriminately.