Macau, yes Macau, a country that is not foreign to our ears, especially when we talk about gambling. A country that is not far from the city of Hong Kong, Macau has managed to steal the attention of many people including foreign tourists to visit and enjoy its beauty and all its facilities.

It’s not only about gambling, Macau is also a very comprehensive destination that can be enjoyed by all people of all ages. During the day, you can explore many very magnificent historical buildings such as the Moorish Barrack or the A Ma temple, or see all sides of Macau from the Macau Tower which has entered the ranks of the tallest towers in the world, as well as those of you who have big guts and want to try. Bungee jumping from an altitude of 233 meters, you can also try it at the Macau Tower, And don’t forget to continue with a culinary agenda to taste a variety of foods that will spoil your tongue, and go shopping at the Macau shopping center, Senado Square, oh yes when you are being at Senado Square don’t forget to take the time to visit slot depo via pulsa the Church of St. The famous Paul is iconic and very cool.

At night until early morning, of course you can party in various luxurious casino buildings, and continue enjoying the beat of music in nightclubs. Let’s get to know the famous casino building in Macau.


  1. Crown Macau, or now more commonly known as Altira Macau which opened in 2007 is one of the casino resorts that is open 24 hours, apart from providing a casino, Altira Macau also provides other facilities such as a spa, night club, business center, restaurant and bar, also a business center. This resort has 500 slot machines and 220 gaming tables in it. Altira Macau is located in Avenida de Kwong Tung.
  2. City of Dreams, this resort has a casino space of 39,000 square meters containing 1,500 slot machines and 550 gaming tables, opened since 2009 City of Dreams offers luxurious facilities that you can enjoy, such as a perfect environment accompanied by food and beverage with five-star standards. City of Dreams, which is located across from The Venetian Macau, on the Cotai Strip, has now become one of the most popular luxury resorts.
  3. Wynn Macau, has a customer base that is, on average, wealthy people who usually make very large bets. Wynn Macau, which is located on Rua Cidade de Sintra, provides luxurious facilities such as shopping centers with famous brands such as Gucci, LV, Prada and others, besides that there are also hotels and spas, restaurants and bars, music stages, and of course, provide space. a luxurious casino with an area of ​​about 63,000 square meters. Wynn Macau also received an award from the Five-Star Car for its luxury and beauty.
  4. The Galaxy is also across the street close to The Venetian Macau, the shape of the building which is in the form of 6 domes covered with 24 carat gold is the main attraction to attract gambling players who want to try playing casino there, because it is not only the unique shape of the building. and interesting, but The Galaxy also provides other tourist destinations such as the Fortune Diamond Show, Crystal Gallery and Laser Show.
  5. MGM Macau, provides a multipurpose grand ballroom that can be used for sporting, business and wedding events. The exterior and interior design of this resort is also very unique, because it combines a colorful composition and a very beautiful gold-silver color. For the casino area itself, it has just been expanded to approximately 25,000 square meters.
  6. Grand Lisboa, is home to professional poker players throughout Asia and often hosts the largest poker tournament in Asia. Grand Lisboa is the first casino to offer Texas Hold’em Poker and a game of Dice Craps. Inside a casino resort designed by Ng Chun and Dennis Lau, famous Hong Kong architects, Grand Lisboa provides 800 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines.
  7. Sands Macau, can be an option for those of you who just want to gamble, because you could say Sands Macau is the first and oldest casino that operates only for gambling activities. Sands Macau, which is also operated by the Las Vegas Sand Corporation, has a game room of 69,000 square meters, now paving the way for foreign companies to invest in opening a casino resort in Macau.
  8. The Venetian Macau, just opened in 2007, but its existence is able to attract the attention of foreign tourists, because the interior design is so stunning that it resembles the Italian style makes Venetian Macau often visited because visitors want to experience an unforgettable experience. The Venetian Macau has a game room of 51,000 square meters with 800 gaming tables and 3,400 slot machines, this game arena is divided into 4 different themes, namely Imperial House, Golden Fish, Red Dragon and Phoenix.

When the gambling arena has become an attraction for all, because of its unique and interesting combination of Asian and Western cultural fusion, and has a major influence on the country of Macau itself, it would be great if Macau could be an alternative to the list of holidays that you must visit for explore the luxury and beauty of the sparkling world of gambling.

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