Live Dragon Tiger

Another game that is also included in the
online gambling category is Dragon Tiger. This game is a little strange but there are also many enthusiasts. Maybe we have heard or read these types of games.

In the following, I will try to discuss further and get to know the Dragon Tiger game more closely with a review of sentences that are easy to understand by the general public.

In the Dragon Tiger online gambling game, Situs Bola Online players will be asked to choose Dragon or Tiger. Winning is determined from the value of the largest card contained in the Dragon or Tiger.

Dragon Tiger game is very simple using only 2 cards. Dragon and Tiger get 1 card each. The biggest value on the card that is owned will win the game.

This type of game is admitted by a number of players that are very rarely found in casinos, even casinos in Macau do not have this type of Tiger Dragon game.
To bet, winning bets of this type can be done on the online gambling web or also called online casinos.

The card that has the lowest value in this type of game is A known as (Ace), followed by the order of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J (Jack), Q (Queen), and the card with the highest score is K (King).

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