What is Sic bo? Sic bo, which is also better known as dice in the community, is also available as an online gambling game that has quite a lot of enthusiasts.

The Sic bo game or dice is said to be called the Chinese community gambling game which is played using three dice.

Initially this dice game was only played and known as a well-known gambling game and is familiar to people in Southeast Asia. However, with many visitors from Agen Bola Sbobet European countries who are interested in the game of Sic Bo, currently the game of Sic Bo or dice is one of the mainstay games that are of great interest to the European community.

To win in the game Sic Bo, very simple and uncomplicated, does not require special skills. So that this type of game can be played by all groups and ages. Sic Bo is also one of the games in online gambling.

How to play in the Sbobet88 Sicbo online gambling game

  • 3 Twin Numbers bet :  In this bet the bettor is asked to guess wrongly that the dice that is shaken will produce 3 twin numbers v in one of the numbers such as 111, 222 and so on and in this bet the bettor will get paid 150 times the bet placed on 3 twin figures.
  • Triple Multiple Bet : In this bet the bettor only guesses that the dice that comes out will be 3 numbers regardless of the number and for this bet the bettor will get paid 24 times the value of the bet in this bet.
  • Single Number Bet : In this type of bet the bettor only needs to guess 1 number on the dice that will come out if the dice number comes out 1 then the payout will be 1: 1 if 2 eats 1: 2 and if 3 then 1: 3.
  • Double Bet : In this type of bet the bettor is asked to guess 2 dice that come out twins such as 1,1,2 or 5,3,3 and so on, where in this type of bet the bettor will get paid 8 times the number of bets that the bettor places.
  • Total Dice Bet: This total dice bet is a bet where the bettor is asked to guess the total dice that will come out of 4 – 17 where each total number has a different payout, for example 4 and 17 gets paid 50 times the total bet you place or 9,10,11,12 get paid 6 times.
  • Even Odd & Big Small : In this type of bet the bettor is asked to guess the number of dice that comes out in the form of even / odd numbers or you can also guess big (11 – 17) and small (4 – 10) where if the numbers 3 and 18 come out in big bets small then it is considered to lose. In this type of bet, the bettor gets paid 1 times the total bet
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