After that, football became a world game event and the teams contested were international teams. Of course, after becoming a world sporting event, football has become an international betting or gambling arena.

Because it has become a world event, the procedures for betting on soccer gambling have developed with various rules that govern this soccer gambling.

Currently there are 2 systems that are most commonly played in soccer gambling.

  1. Walking Ball System
    In the street ball system, players can usually continue Agen Bola Sbobet Terbaik to increase the number of bets in different (not fixed) fur and key conditions from minute to minute. Bets are considered valid if the ball is in progress and may not be bets on corner kick, freekick or penalty kick positions.
  2. Dead Ball System
    Whereas in the dead ball system, players must bet before the ball match which is marked with kick off starts.

In the two systems above we can choose which type we want to bet on. In the dead ball and road ball systems, there are several bets such as win, lose and draw bets. There are also league arisan bets, fur / leg bets and key bets.

Football Gambling Regulations

There are several terms above that you may not know, starting from key, fur / leg. Here is the explanation:

  1. Leg
    What is meant by leg is a condition where the position of the two teams is the same so that neither team is given the advantage.
  2. Fur
    In soccer gambling, fur is considered an additional point on the score that has been scored by the competing team. There are also rules that apply to this fur bet.
    For example: England VS Mexico in this match Mexico on ½ fur. If the final result for England VS Mexico is 0-0 then the players who bet on Mexico will get 100% of their stake. However, if Mexico is fur ¼ in the match then players will only get 50% of their stake.
  3. Key
    Key for each dealer. Keys usually exist when the number of players betting on one team, for example out of 100 people 80 people bet on England and 20 more bet on Mexico. So for that you shouldn’t be arbitrary in choosing a dealer. You can visit the SBOBET site to get a small Key.
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