The name Nick Dandolos may not be too familiar to us, because Nick Dandolos is a legendary gambler who lived in the era of the 1900s. However, his career and achievements are very much to be proud of, even 30 years after Nick’s death, Nick’s figure who is commonly known as Nick The Greek, his name was registered in the Poker Hall of Fame in 1979, as a very world-class gambler. professional. Nick, who is of Greek descent, was born in Crete, Greece in the 1800s, he was born into an affluent family that really prioritizes education, teaches many languages ​​and in the end Nick Dandolos completed his bachelor’s degree with a philosophy degree. His grandfather had a major influence on Nick’s development and life, when Nick was 18 years old, His grandfather is very supportive of Nick’s migration plan to America, his grandfather also regularly sends Nick a monthly fee for Nick’s living expenses there, in the hope that one day Nick will become a successful person. Nick lived and worked in Chicago for several years before he finally decided to move to Montreal Canada, a place where his life changed completely.

Yes, Montreal Canada changed his life. Montreal Canada, which Situs Casino Online every corner of the city promotes horse racing, made Nick curious and came to the racetrack to immediately see and feel the excitement of the adrenaline rush while watching horse competitions. From there he met a famous jockey, Phil Musgrave, who taught him everything about horse racing betting. With the knowledge he has, and his good numeracy skills, Nick learns about horse racing bets and calculates bets and the amount of winnings he can get maturely.

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During the following month his grandfather sent Nick a monthly fee of US $ 150, that money was what Nick used as the initial capital for his bet. Thanks to their collaboration with the jockey, Phil and Nick placed a bet and managed to get a win, within 1 year, Phil and Nick managed to get quite a lot of money, which is more than US $ 500,000. But the story tells another, people thought Phil and Nick were cheating, so that Phil and Nick didn’t lose his job, they broke their cooperation, and Nick fought himself to become a professional gambler by returning to the United States and visiting the casinos in New York. , Nevada, Las vegas and other cities.

The ups and downs he experienced in the process of his career, Nick also recorded a very large number of defeats, with the ability to play Nick, Nick also received an injection of financial assistance from a film producer, and other things, but it seems that the goddess of fortune sometimes moves away from himself, many defeats, cheating he experienced. But the name Nick Dandolos is still remembered and known, because he is known as an honest and sharing person, Nick often makes donations to social and humanitarian foundations, throughout his life Nick is known to have donated US $ 50 million, both given directly to those in need. or given through humanitarian foundations. With his kindness, many people still remember his name to this day.