Many people say the most fond memories are of our time in high school, although I don’t completely agree, because back then there was more pain than joy. But indeed high school is a youth where we gather with friends without burdens, have fun, get naughty together, goofy and others.

Well, it happens that near my house there are many boarding houses and one of the boarding houses there is usually a place for us to hang out. Because in that boarding house there are 3 school friends who are boarding there. That place is almost one of our base camps. Usually senior kids like to hang out to play gambling there, starting from playing qiu qiu or 99, playing the legal stamp or poker, playing the legal slam stamp, gapleh and others.

At first, my friends invited me to see how they played various games, how to start learning how to play. Finally started learning gambling. If you win, you are happy, you lose a headache, you don’t have any money, you know, high school students. Over time I get used to playing, but not always when I go to the boarding house I play gambling. We usually get together and chat together, because those who come to gather there are all kinds of people, starting from high school students, college and work people.

Skipping School Just To Play Gambling

Also, if you are lazy to go to school, you skip school and then stop by the boarding house to hang out, or even play gambling. The point is that there are boarding houses who come to gather there, until one day when I want to go to school, through that boarding house I feel like I want to stop by to game slot deposit pulsa 10rb play as usual, but somehow that day I thought the school didn’t stop by that boarding house.

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My day went normally as usual and two days later I heard from my friends that the boarding house where we were playing turned out to be raided by the police, on suspicion of a place to play gambling and a gathering place for children who skipped school. The day of the raid was the same day when I went to school through the boarding house but I didn’t play at the boarding house and I went to school.

Once I knew how grateful I was, I didn’t think what would happen if I chose to skip school and play at the boarding house that day. I must have caught Tangkep at that time too. Like there were some of my friends who were caught there, my friends who were caught even said it was good that you were not there yesterday, yesterday we were taken to the police station, you should all be there too, he said, pointing at several people including me hehe ..

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