Online Gambling Avoid You Become a Gambling Addict

Drug addict is a term for people who are addicted to drugs. We often hear this title in crime news and in print and online media. Gambling addicts may not be as popular as drug addicts. However, the impact caused by gambling addicts is no less dangerous than drug addicts.

If we discuss this more deeply, drug addicts are someone who tends to commit crimes and almost all over the world consider them to be criminals. Unlike the case with gambling addicts, even though an addict can become a criminal, the quality of the crime is not as heavy as a drug addict. Therefore, in some countries gambling is legal and does not violate the law.

Let us mention some of the countries that legalize gambling, these countries are MACAO, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA which have big and well-known casinos in the world. There are several countries in Southeast Asia that also strictly prohibit gambling, one of them is Indonesia.

Gambling addicts and drug addicts are both addicted to them. Many rehabilitation and therapy centers have been established to help drug addicts, but so far no one has established a rehabilitation center for gambling addicts.

Gambling addiction does not require medical treatment like drug addicts and does not require a special rehabilitation center. But gambling addicts need mental therapy, support from relatives and family and society to not judge gambling addicts.

No human being is born or destined to become a gambler, the environment has a huge influence on turning a person into a gambler. From the beginning, I was just curious to know what gambling was.

Starting from a very small bet until it becomes a big bet, some even put everything that is valuable in their life. What’s worse, gambling addicts are not only risking their own property and money, many of them are risking valuables that do not belong to them, this type of addict has lost self-awareness and is very dangerous to both himself and his family.

Gamblers are divided into several types, there are those who only play small bets in their spare time and consider it a hobby or entertainment and do not really care about winning or losing. This type can still be tolerated and this type usually chooses to play gambling online. By choosing to play gambling online, these types of gamblers are positive gamblers and they play at home and stay with their families.

Another type of gambler is one who craves a win for every game that is staked and becomes more aggressive when losing by increasing the value of the bet. This type is very risky of making himself a gambling addict.

The next type that I will review is the type of gambler who thinks “Life Only For Today” is usually called the daredevil gambler. This type of gambler was prepared to lose all his Agen Bandar Bola valuables. This type will bet a very large value and only play for a few rounds. Usually this type will stop playing if it has won. And they are ready to lose by huge stakes for just a few spins as well.

The motto of this type of gambler is “BEING A HERO OR ZERO”

Gambling does not always have a bad impact and does not mean that every gambling player is a gambling addict. It is very unfair for those who have a hobby of gambling to be called gambling addicts.

What is considered big gambling is a player who is willing to bet his family and their life on the gambling game. How many families have been destroyed as a result of gambling addicts who have lost their mind while gambling. Some of them risked the house that became the residence for their family.

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A general gambling addict has no desire to work seriously. Many of the gambling addicts who lose their jobs because they are considered not focused on work and do not achieve fixed targets.

Only gambling springs into the mind of a gambling addict. The place to bet is their favorite place and whenever the opportunity arises, they will visit the gambling place. Whether it’s a casino or a sports arena like horse racing.

There is an old Chinese saying that goes “Ten Gambles and Nine Loses” which means that the odds of losing are far more than winning at gambling.

Gambling players who become Gambling Losers are those who cause so many problems in the family. Gambling losers are betting not based on their material abilities. They not only sell all their valuables, they are even willing to go into debt and make borrowed money as a stake.

As a result, their families and themselves are often chased by debt by debt collectors. Many gambling losers pawn valuables that do not belong to them, the most common example is by pawning vehicles that do not belong to them.

Such action is a very irresponsible thing. With this action, we must be vigilant about lending vehicles to other people considering that currently the “Pegadaian” facility is so easy to find, and with just a simple procedure, it is possible to pawn valuables both online and offline. Currently there are many SMS that offer pawnshops.

Whether it’s a small bet value or a large bet value, it’s still called the gambler. Facts and surveys show that there are many cases of corruption, bribery and misappropriation of funds that occur in a company because there are parties involved in gambling.

The loss of public trust, damaging the image of the family is also one of the major negative impacts of becoming a gambling addict.

Apart from the loss in terms of material and morale. Gambling addicts are also very at risk for health damage. They would not stop and leave the gambling place even though the god of luck was approaching and giving them a lot of wins. A gambling addict will continue to play until he loses and has no more capital then will stop. they will tirelessly strive for the hope of winning back the bets they have lost.

With fatigue, enduring hunger and cold for a long time and continuously will be very dangerous to health. Especially for the elderly. There have been several cases of death that have occurred over the gambling table.

Gambling losers or are called gambling addicts without realizing it, as time goes by, they lose their happiness in life. Separation from family, wife and children only for their aggression in gambling.

Never upgrade the status of a gambling player to become a gambling addict or a gambling loser.

In the end, gambling is healthy when played and only risking value according to ability. For that we recommend playing online gambling and choosing a trusted online gambling agent .

By playing online, you will always be close to your family and can rest whenever you want.