Play Rules for Joker 123 Online Slot Fish Shoot

Various exciting games are provided by the online 123 joker slot , one of which is a fish shooting game. Now in this fish shooting game the task of the players is to hunt all the fish that pass in front of the player. The more fish the player manages to catch, the more points the player will get so that later they can lead the player to become the winner. There are also some rules that players must pay attention to when they play the joker slot 123 online shoot fish. There are 3 rules here which we will explain. Take a good look at the following.

  • Find a fish shooting agent

For the first rules when you play joker 123 slot, what you have to pay attention to first is that you have to find an agent who provides fish shooting games. Make sure if these agents really provide fish shooting games before you join the agent. Because if you register with an agent that does not provide ion casino fish shooting games, then you will not be able to enjoy the excitement of the fish shooting 123 online joker slot, and you are just wasted when you register with the agent so that you will regret it. If you choose the wrong fish shooting agent, then you will feel guilty because you don’t have a chance to get a big profit on this great fish shooting game that is in the 123 online joker slot.

  • Play shooting fish slots joker 123 online

The next rules for playing joker slot 123 online, after you are looking for an agent the next step is that you have to play a game of shooting fish. Before playing, make sure you have got a new account and you have also paid a deposit so you can start the joker slot game 123 online shoot fish. Make sure you choose a game that you like because by choosing a game that you like, it will be very easy for you to master the game.

  • Aim for the big fish and dragons
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The last rule when you play joker 123 slot online is that you have to target the big fish in the fish shooting game and also the big dragons in this game. Why do you have to target and hunt big fish and big dragons because the chances of achieving a bigger win and you can also have a big chance to get a big jackpot bonus. But you also shouldn’t ignore the little fish that pass in front of you to add to your winning points.

Such are the rules that exist in the joker 123 online slot game with the type of fish shooting game. The more you understand about shooting fish, the more experienced you will be at playing fish shooting. Thank you for listening to the article that we have explained until it’s finished.