Sbobet Mobile Guide | How to Play Online Football Gambling

The large number of sports matches, especially soccer that are being held at this time, makes the world of online gambling even more interesting to play, because most football club fans will want to place bets on their cellphones / mobile when their favorite club will compete.

Moreover, the presence of online gambling makes the betting system much easier. However, not all online soccer gambling fans or installers have currently mastered the rules for playing online soccer gambling on Sbobet.

In general, there are so many sbobet mobile / cellphone guides about soccer gambling that it is impossible to explain all of them through this 1 article alone.

Therefore, we selected and created several guidelines for playing online soccer gambling that are most often encountered by new members, starting from the login process, deposit and withdrawal transactions, types of bets to reading odds.

If you have mastered some of these things then you can play safely & comfortably.

SBOBET Mobile Guide About the Basics of Mobile Football Gambling

For those of you who like to play online soccer gambling slot hoki but still don’t understand the basic things in it, please take a look at some of the basic mobile sbobet guides below:

  • Confirm Login Password
example image of how to change password

After you register and get a SBOBET account, you will be directed by the agent to try to login. Now, when logging in using the username and password provided by the agent, you will enter a password change confirmation page.

On that page 3 columns will appear, where in the first column it says:

“Current Password” , please fill in the password that you used during the previous login.

“New password” , in this column you are invited to change a new password as you wish and the last is the third column that says

“Confirm new password”, that is, write down the password you entered in the second column (Must be the same).

After that enter the Validation code and press OK.

  • Deposit & Withdrawal

Transactions such as deposits and withdrawals in SBOBET online soccer gambling are very easy. You just have to confirm with the agent’s Customer Service via the livechat feature that is already available in the lower right column or you can add the Sbobet Agent whatsapp contact so that it can be much more practical.

An example of the format required to make a deposit / withdraw transaction is simply to mention:

USER ID / NOMINAL TRANSFER. After that, your transaction will be processed in approximately 1 minute.

  • Bet Type

On this occasion, the sbobet mobile guide will explain several types of markets that you can bet on in sports betting, especially online soccer gambling. The several types of markets consist of:

  1. Handicap / fur-furan (HDP)
  2. Over under (AB, O / U)
  3. 1 X 2
  4. Mix Parlay / Multiple Bet
  5. Guess the score / Correct Score
the types of sbobet mobile bets

How to Place Bets on Sbobet

Especially for beginners, you must be more careful before placing a bet on one of the matches because in one match there are markets for Full Half (BP / FT) and Round 1 (B1, HT), whether it’s for Handicap bets, Over Under, 1 × 2 or Guess the score.

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If you place a bet for the Full Half (BP / FT) it means that the bet is valid until the match ends, while for bets you place in Half 1 (B1, HT) means that it is valid for half 1 only.

  • Odds / Kei / Tax types

Because SBOBET uses Indonesian Odds, as long as you bet you will see 2 different types of odds, namely minus odds (in red) and plus odds (in black). The following is a complete guide for sbobet mobile / handphone regarding odds:

The meaning of the Minus Odds (red color) is that you will be charged an additional fee when placing a bet, depending on the amount of the odds itself (If you place 100 thousand and the odds are -1.15 then when placing a bet you must pay a capital of 115 thousand.

Whereas for Odds plus (Black Color) it means that you will get a higher payment than the bet capital if you succeed in getting a win, depending on the size of the odds itself (If you place 100 thousand and the odds are 1.12, you will get a winning payment of 112 thousand).

  • Mix Parlay Rules

Mix parlay is a type of bet that requires all matches in it to end in a winning state, if only one team loses then all other bets in the parlay will be declared defeated before even competing.

However, the mix parlay will still be counted / running if there is one team that only loses half, draws and wins half, but the calculation is adjusted to the prevailing calculation. The following is a complete guide for mobile / mobile sbobet regarding mix parlay:

= How to Calculate Parlay Losing Half.

Odds on bets that lose half will change to 0.5 (the original odds are 2.12 then change to 0.5)

= How to Calculate Series Parlay

The odds on Draw bets will change to 1 (the original odds are 2.12 will change to 1)

= How to Calculate a Half Win Parlay

The odds on the Half Winning bet will be added by 1 and then divided by 2 (the original odds were 2.12 then changed to 2.12 + 1 = 3.12: 2 = 1.56)

Here are the basics of how to play online soccer gambling, if you want to find out more about the sbobet mobile guide, click here to read the article guides provided by sbobet88.