Sbobet88 Snooker Online Gambling in Indonesia

Snooker is a sport that is one of the favorites of Indonesians, this game is actually similar to billyard sports, the difference is that the size of the snooker table is bigger, the size of the sbooker ball is smaller, the balls do not have numbers, only colors, the number of balls that are used. played on snooker more and the way to play is different from billyard

Snooker also has a cue, which is a white ball that is used to shoot the target color ball. Each ball color has its own value, such as the color:

  • red = one 
  • yellow = two
  • Green = three
  • Chocolate = four
  • Blue = five
  • Pink = six
  • Black = seven

Only fifteen red balls, the red balls are arranged in a triangle like Bandar Sbobet Casino in a billyard game. Meanwhile, the other colored balls only amount to one

How to play, players are required to enter a red ball, then can choose another color to enter according to the tactics used. If all of the red balls have entered then the next ball is the color ball that is inserted until it runs out. Color balls are entered in the order of the ball number values, so after red that is entered is yellow to black

In the snooker game the player is required to have good endurance abilities because the snooker game has a long game or can be called a rally game, a total of 19 rounds and the player must win 10 rounds to win the match, sharp and sharp eyes to be able to determine shooting points from a distance, body position and the correct way of shooting so that our shots are stable, strong and straight

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