Seeing Horse Racing Betting in Hong Kong for the First Time

While on vacation in Hong Kong I stayed at an old friend’s house, let’s say his name was Ted. We have been friends since we were in elementary school, because we haven’t seen each other for a long time when we met, it turns out that there are many conversations that we each tell each other. Starting from the story when high school, college and work. We even tell the story of how we initially met our future wives. While laughing together and enjoying a glass of beer we reminisce about the days of elementary school.

Then Ted told me that he had a new hobby, namely horse riding, it had been two years since he started to pursue this sport and the name of his pet horse is Thunder. At least twice a week he trains horse riding, training sessions usually one and a half hours to two hours depending on the horse’s condition and the portion of training. Ted also promised to take me to see his horse tomorrow to a nice restaurant near where he plays horses.

The next day, as Ted promised, I was invited by him to see his Agen Bola Terbaik beloved horse Thunder, it turns out that the foreign horse has a much bigger body than the horse in Indonesia, Thunder has a muscular body, is tall and has the ability to run very fast. When I saw Ted practicing I praised the thunder for his speed. But Ted said the horse’s running speed is normal, I have to look at other horses that have very fast running speeds, he said. I lightly answered that I wanted to see a horse that was faster than a thunder, then Ted said that tomorrow’s weekend, I’ll invite you to watch horse races, he said. If you are curious about what horse racing is like, you can visit our online gambling site at sbobet88.

The day we had been waiting for arrived, Ted and I went to a horse race, when I arrived there it turned out that the atmosphere was very busy. I did not expect that this horse sport has so many fans. So many people came, the counters were full of queues of kiosk and people bought them.

Ted also invited me to buy a ticket, when the ticket was purchased I realized that the ticket was not an entrance ticket to watch, but a ticket specifically for betting. So before horse racing starts, for people who want to bet on horse races, it turns out that we can see a list of horse names that will be competing along with information on the track number. So if we want to bet we can tell the officer what horse name or track number you will place the bet on.

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Then Ted asked me to buy snacks and drinks, namely buy pop corn and beer. In my heart, how come I want to watch a movie in the cinema? Well, buy pop corn of all kinds, you know, my first experience of watching a horse race. When we got our seats while waiting for the match to start Ted told us that besides being happy to ride he also likes betting on horse races, almost every week he comes here to bet. He also said this is the place to be if you want to see how fast the racehorse can run. Then I saw around the racing stadium it turned out that the place was quite large, the track looked clean and tidy even the stadium condition was quite well maintained.

Then I saw one of the jockeys enter the arena on their horse. It seemed that the jockeys were wearing special equestrian clothes. At that time, the atmosphere of the stadium was full of people cheering, I saw the jockeys had entered the box like a sealed barrier, for a moment the noise suddenly stopped as if it was stifled. Then then the jockeys have taken their position in the race and there is a sound of counting and a sound of popping like a shot.

Suddenly the whole stadium was full of screams from people, even my ears hurt. The atmosphere is busier than a soccer match, the horses start chasing each other and go ahead and to be honest it feels different if we watch a live match rather than watching it on television. Wow, it turned out that the horse was running very fast faster than I thought, I was amazed and tense because it was exciting without being felt I also screamed and screamed. Finally, Ted’s horse won, we were happy while laughing happily, Ted treated me after the match.

My first memorable experience that was unforgettable for me even before I returned to Indonesia, I had promised Ted that the next time I returned to Hong Kong I would also bet and watch horse races again.

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