A wealthy billionaire from Malaysia, Chen Lip Keong has assets of US $ 3.3 billion. Of the total assets he had, at the age of 70 Chen Lip Keong was ranked seventh in the list of the richest people in Malaysia. This wealth he obtained from the entertainment business, namely the gambling business. The journey to become a billionaire is certainly not a short journey that can be achieved in the blink of an eye, Chen Lip Keong’s journey to become a billionaire is very long.

The medical education he took at the University of Malaysia was deemed incompatible with his way of life, he preferred to be a businessman which in his view was far more profitable. Chen Lip Keong started doing business in the property and tourism sector, and from there he began to accumulate his fortune. Slowly but surely the business that Chen Lip Keong is running is bringing good results and slowly but surely, his wealth is increasing every day.

 Even though he was already classified as wealthy, Chen Lip Keong was not easily complacent up to that point, he kept trying to find other business opportunities that could generate more money, until finally in the 1990s Chen Lip Keong entered the gambling business, he started a casino business in Cambodia with following a tender from the Cambodian government which was opened to entrepreneurs interested in investing and investing in opening a casino business in Cambodia. Through his investment at that time, currently the name Chen Lip Keong is registered as one of the largest shareholders in the holding company which oversees several casino resorts and gambling houses in Phnom Penh Cambodia.


Chen Lip Keong remains optimistic that the business he is doing Agen Taruhan Bola Online will be successful and with all the confidence and optimism that is in him, even though Chen Lip Keong does not have a background in entertainment, well-known architects and engineers say that Chen Lip Keong is a property businessman. the strongest in the world, and Naga Corp as the holding company for casino business development under the influence of Chen Lip Keong has also experienced success and is recognized by the world. And now Chen Lip Keong has also expanded his business wing, he has expanded the casino development to the northeast of Russia, Mongolia, Australia and Kazakhstan.

One thing that is interesting in him is that Chen Lip Keong is not a gambler, he admits that he does not have the blood of gambling in himself, he only makes investments and business for casino development to develop and enlarge his business. Yes, even though a person can become rich through the gambling business, it does not mean that he is a gambling player, because there are many other things that can be developed and done to reap wealth in this business.