Some Tips for Winning Playing Qiu – Qiu

Everyone who plays qiu-qiu hopes that they can win, especially when it involves money as the stake. But just hope is not enough, it takes certain things that are more than just hope. Many people will blame the dealer or agent in which they played for the defeat they received. Not a few of them also said that the bookie was playing cheating or the agent made adjustments.

Even though playing qiu – qiu whether online or offline is the same, it all depends on how they play. No cheating occurs, cards are dealt fairly and randomly. However, in playing online we cannot see the original form of cards and friends at our table. So it can be concluded that playing qiu – qiu both online and offline has no difference, it’s just that online we can’t see the shape of the person and don’t have to worry about being raided by the authorities.

The following are tips on how to play qiu-qiu that is safe and can win

Mental is very important, the mental problem cannot be Agen Casino Terbesar formed in just one or two days, to have a good mentality requires a process. We have to get used to being under pressure like when we bet “real”. So we also have to practice, practice not to be nervous, nervous or dropping when competing. Train to be able to accept defeat and victory.

Trying to judge the cards
In this game the most crucial is precisely the distribution of the first two cards, because in the distribution of the first two cards, we are expected to be able to judge or estimate whether our cards have a big chance of winning or not. Therefore, accuracy and precision is needed in arranging card combinations in this game. If you think of the first two cards you get is not good, make a decision to withdraw. Unless you want to bully another opponent, please continue the game or enter a bet with a large value.

Pay attention to how your opponent plays
If we can pay attention to how to play our opponent well, then we will be able to easily find out the character, method or style of playing of each opponent we face, whether our opponent has a safe, reckless way of playing, is easily provoked by emotions or the desire to win, is brave. , play bluff and other characters. We can see this starting from the distribution of two cards, especially when the positions of the third and fourth cards are dealt. If we can be observant and know the character of our opponents, we can take advantage of it during play and it can be our weapon to defeat them.

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Able to control ourselves.
Sometimes when playing, we often forget ourselves, in the sense of being easily carried away by emotions or easily provoked by provocation or bullying from opponents, this can cost us a lot of money.
Learn to be able to control or hold back, even though we may already have three cards or even four card. If we think that the chance of winning decreases, stop immediately, even though we may already have a lot of money in it, don’t continue or force it in the hope that we will win. So that we don’t fall into or lose even more money.

Trying to Play Qiu Qiu Online

Dare to take advantage of your opponent’s shortcomings, usually the opponents who are easiest to beat are opponents who are easy to influence and easy to lure into betting, we can take advantage of their weaknesses to drain their money.
Next is an opponent who is easily bluffed, this type of opponent if we bully he will shrink, even if he has a good card he may withdraw from the game just for fear of being bullied by us whose cards are not necessarily good

If we can apply the tips above, our chances of being able to win in this qiu-qiu game will be greater, if you realize that your skills or abilities are not that good, but you want to try playing, I suggest playing online gambling games at SBOBET88, because by playing online gambling, we don’t need to meet our opponents in person, thus we don’t need to experience tension because playing face to face. So it allows us to focus more on playing so that the chance to win can be greater without reducing the excitement of this game

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