The 5 richest 123 joker slot gambling players in the world

Online slot gambling games are not a strange game to the ears of online gambling enthusiasts. There have been a lot of online gambling enthusiasts who have participated in the joker 123 slot gambling battle to reap the many benefits of the slot machines they play. By designing the best playing strategy, winning will definitely become easier. Playing online slot gambling is also very easy and can be said to be quite practical. It is enough to have an account, place a bet, then apply a playing strategy, and then the winnings will come.

When talking about online slot gambling games, there are the names of the most respected slot gambling players. These players have also been named the richest online slot gambling players in the world. Who are the players?

List of the richest slot gambling players in the world

  1. Dan Bilzerian

The richest slot gambling player is occupied by agen casino online terbaik a man named Dan Bilzerian. From online gambling games alone, he managed to make a profit of up to thousands of dollars in one day. During his career in online gambling, Dan Bilzerian managed to collect profits of 150 million USD . A really fantastic number, right? If converted into rupiah currency, the amount could reach billions of rupiah.

  1. Phil Ivey

The next position was occupied by a man named Bil Ivey. He is one of the most successful online slot gambling players of all time. In addition to reaping large profits, he is also often awarded as one of the most respected gambling players of all time. From the results of playing gambling, Phil Ivey has accumulated a fortune of up to 100 million USD throughout his career.

  1. Sam Farha
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Next up is Sam Farha, a man of Lebanese and American descent who cannot be underestimated. He often participates in world-class gambling tournaments and often reaps huge profits. From the profits that were achieved, Sam Farha managed to collect a profit of 100 million USD. Wow!

  1. Erik Seidel

And the name of the next richest gambling player is Erik Seidel. Apart from being able to devise a god-class playing strategy, he is also known to have very high thinking abilities. Erik also often wins awards for the gambling competitions he participates in. And now managed to amass a fortune of 42 million USD.

  1. Chris Fegusen

Chris Ferguson’s ability on the gambling table is beyond doubt. He often won consecutive wins in gambling. So it is not surprising that the opponents are very afraid when they have to face him. Even opponents often shake their heads because of Chris’ gaming prowess. From the results of playing online slot gambling, Chris played to collect a fortune of 25 million USD .

Is the total profit that you get while playing joker 123 slot gambling already proportional to the profits earned by the 5 players above?