The Complete Way to Play Blackjack Gambling for Beginners

Based on technology in this sophisticated era, of course, many new things have emerged and are very interesting to take advantage of, one of which is blackjack gambling. Blackjack gambling has become one of the online gambling games where at first this gambling can only be found if you are at a gambling house or another language is casino. The number 21 is the essence of this blackjack game, where a player who can get the sum of playing cards up to a total of 21 will be declared the winner. Well, on this good opportunity, we will discuss a few things about how to play blackjack for those of you who are new but have an interest in this one game, you can listen to the following discussion until it ends.

Even though it is as popular as it is today, the history of blackjack card game is actually very long and it is said that it is the result of the amalgamation of ancient games from various countries. But because the core of our discussion is about how to play, we will discuss what the history of blackjack looks like on another occasion, rather than lingering for a long time, it’s better to just look at how to or tips for playing blackjack gambling specifically for beginners through writing below.

How to Play the Most Complete Online Blackjack Gambling

Beforehand, we need to know that there is a change in Judi Online Baccarat the value or amount of some cards in blackjack, namely for the US, Jack, Queen and King. For the US card, it can be equalized to the number 1 or 11, while for Jack, Queen and king it will have a value of 10. So that those who can get the jack and AS card simultaneously will immediately get 21 and be declared the winner without continuing the game again.

To be able to play comfortably, players, especially beginners, must know in advance about important terms in the world of blackjack gambling and here are some important terms in them, including:


  • The term hit can be interpreted as an option to add another card, generally the installer chooses a hit when the first two cards are worth 21. Adding cards aims to get the value to 21 or at least closer to 21, for example 20 or 19. However, it cannot it is said that doing a hit will always end well, the reason is that if you add cards so that you get a value of more than 21 then you will lose.
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  • If for the term stand, it indicates that you are sure of the card you have so you don’t want to add the next card. Usually the choice of this stand is chosen by players who feel they are able to beat the dealer and the card is immediately opened to be pitted against the dealer.

Double Down

  • In this one feature, you as the bettor can double the previous bet amount, but after you choose to use this feature, you only get one chance to add cards and the next round is no longer allowed.


  • Furthermore, in the slit option, split means that you can divide the card into 2 different parts with each bet, but to be able to use this split feature you must have twin cards, for example 2 with 2, queen with queen, king with king or others. twin.


  • Not only in real life that has insurance or insurance but in the world of blackjack there is also insurance, where later the dealer will give 2 cards to the player & 2 cards to the dealer with a card that will be exposed on the table. If one card from the dealer that opens is an ace card, then you can bet insurance for the amount of the initial bet and if the card for the two bookies turns out to be 10, jack, queen, king or that means blackjack then you can receive 2 times the insurance fee.


  • The final choice in the world of blackjack is surrender or surrender. In order to minimize losses / losses, surrender is the best choice, for example you get a card and feel that there is no hope of winning then choose surrender, that way you will only lose half of the initial bet amount.

Those are some of the features or bets that you can choose and place when playing blackjack gambling. However, there is a slight difference between blackjack gambling at casino houses and blackjack gambling on online gambling sites such as bonus bonuses from the site where you play to the atmosphere when playing.