The highest number of joker slot enthusiasts in the world

Are you one of the enthusiasts of online 123 joker slot machine gambling? It turns out, not only are you interested in this slick gambling game, but also people around the world. Many are willing to risk their money to get the sensation of playing the best slots. Behind the money that is at stake, of course there is a win that can be obtained so that bets can return on investment or even bring profit.

From time to time, the number of joker 123 slot gambling enthusiasts is increasing. The number of enthusiasts will continue to increase over time, especially if slot gambling has been updated towards a more sophisticated direction. Surely the demand will increase. Well, of the many joker 123 slot gambling enthusiasts , these 5 countries are known to have the biggest 123 joker slot enthusiasts in the world. Which countries are they? Check out the news below!

The Biggest Online Slot Machine Gambling Enthusiast

  1. Spanish

The first country is this Matador Country. Due to the high demand for online gambling in this country, one person can spend hundreds of euros just to get a win. As many as 65% of people in Spain choose to bet online gambling. Meanwhile, the rest choose to go directly to the gambling arena to get a livelier game sensation.

  1. Greece

The Greek state has indeed been rocked by an economic crisis in recent years. However, this has not diminished the interest of the Greek public to play online gambling agen sbobet resmi. It is proven that every player is willing to spend at least 300 euros to play slot gambling every day.

  1. Norway

Just like the two countries above, Norway is also one of the countries with the largest online slot gambling enthusiasts in the world. Although currently gambling is illegal in Norway, there are still many people who like to play online slot gambling.

  1. Italy

Still in Europe, next is Italy, where the average Italian spends more than 400 euros each day playing online gambling. The regulations for playing gambling have also become lax in recent years, so that the number of gambling players in Italy has doubled.

  1. Hong Kong

Not only countries in Europe, one country in Asia is also included in this list. Who else but Hong Kong. Gambling is perfectly legal in this country as long as it is done through official gambling channels, namely the Hong Kong Jockey Club. This gambling club is very well known and is said to be the biggest tax hauler in Hong Kong because of the large amount of money that is wagered every day.

Those are the 5 countries with the most number of gambling enthusiasts. Even though the number of online gambling connoisseurs in Indonesia is large, the numbers are not as bad as the 5 countries above.