Just as a coin that has two sides or a magnet always has two opposite poles, so everything in this world always goes hand in hand and has two opposite sides, there is a positive side and there is a negative side to everything that is in front. this earth. Even in decision-making, there will always be two opposing sides that are pros and cons, as well as in implementing an order and rules in the state, the government of the country concerned will always be faced with two sides, namely positive and negative, plus and minus side, pro side. and the cons. If we reflect on the government of our country Indonesia, in your opinion, what are the problems that reap the most pros and cons in our country, yes, of course, apart from state law policies, There is also another side that will always and will never end reaping the pros and cons and the plus and minus side of the assessment from the point of view of the government and the wider community. In this Agen Bola Terlengkap discussion, we will discuss the pros and cons of legalizing gambling in each country that legalizes gambling activities.

Advantages If a Country Legalizes Gambling

First, let’s discuss the pluses or advantages or advantages of legalized gambling:

  1. Economic improvement is certain to occur in countries that legalize gambling, because every operating gambling house is required to pay taxes to the government, besides that, with the existence of a legal gambling place, automatically the area will become a tourist spot and if an area has become tourist destinations, regional income will automatically increase.
  2. The basic nature of humans is that they are happy to break the rules, for example in this case Indonesian citizens are clearly prohibited from playing gambling, but the more it is prohibited, the more curious people are and want to do it. Therefore, the aim of legalizing gambling in certain countries is to shape the legal behavior of each citizen, because with legalized gambling, the people of that country tend to be lazy and reduce their gambling activities.
  3. For a professional gambling player, being a gambling player and making a living to support a family is a job that can be proud of, especially if the player can share and manage financial management well, then this is a good thing, considering that if someone gets victory from gambling, the numbers are quite large and can be saved for the future.
  4. When someone can play gambling at a gambling house or casino, there will be feelings and sensations for the players, playing and hanging out with friends, talking and seeing the game directly, of course it has a good effect on one’s psychology, in addition to eliminating boredom and fatigue as well. bring happiness and satisfaction to the players.
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Disadvantages If a Country Legalizes Gambling

Next, we will discuss the drawbacks or drawbacks or drawbacks of legalized gambling:

  1. Playing gambling can also cause serious financial problems for players, when they get carried away with emotions and luck is unlucky, serious financial problems can arise. This has a bad impact because if there are a lot of citizens who have economic problems, this will have an impact on the obligations they ignore as citizens.
  2. Similar to alcoholic liquor or illegal drugs, gambling can make players addicted and if someone has become addicted and cannot think clearly, this will have a very bad impact, for the family and surroundings, especially for himself. This can certainly be a bad picture of the welfare of the people of that country.
  3. A person who is addicted to playing gambling, often becomes dark eyes and justifies any means to get what he wants, including committing crimes and illegal activities to be able to get the amount of money needed to play gambling. And this is clearly going to be problematic as it increases crime and crime rates that disturb the comfort of every region of the country.

Thus a discussion of the positive and negative sides of legalizing gambling in a country, will bring two sides that are always different, and all of them can be positive or useful, if the government and citizens unite and obey the applicable regulations. What about our country Indonesia, do you want gambling to be legalized in Indonesia? If it is in the interest of the nation and state and can help Indonesia to become better, why not. But unfortunately many Indonesian citizens are still immature in thinking and acting, there are many citizens who do not obey the rules of the state and are less responsible for themselves and the state, so let us improve ourselves to become better individuals, so that our country can be a developed country,