The Key to Success in Gambling

Just mention his pseudonym as Tommy, the beginning of my meeting with Tommy was at a training event which was attended by many participants with various different backgrounds, some of whom worked as doctors, entrepreneurs, investors, designers, bankers, and many types. other. I talked a lot with Tommy, who claims to be a gambling businessman who has the principle of not wanting to harm others, he doesn’t want to go gambling with his friends, he does it individually, he goes to Singapore, Malaysia, Macau or other cities alone.

Tommy said he doesn’t always go gambling and come home with the money he won, sometimes he also loses and sometimes runs out of capital, but because he holds a principle and wants to discipline himself, he never plays with emotion, in the sense, when he wins. , he does not become greedy, likewise when he loses, he does not become lust, he knows very well when he should stop. It was proven that Tommy was able to get money to support his family for a dozen years as a professional gambler.

The principles and gameplay that Tommy applies are very simple Agen Bola Sbobet Online, he uses the money management system well, he manages his finances very neatly and discipline, even when his wife spends money, Tommy will admonish him for using money well, asking his wife to respect money so that money also respects us. Out there, there are lots of people who don’t manage their money well, even if that person is not a gambler, but if he can’t manage money well, it’s no wonder that person can experience a financial crisis in the end.

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The principles and methods are very simple, only with the ability to manage money well and discipline yourself, the only key to be able to live life well. In short, if we can’t appreciate and manage money well, how can our lives be better. Let us practice patterns and a better way of life, so that life is more meaningful for ourselves and others.