The Most Phenomenal 123 Joerk Slot Gambling Players in the World

In online gambling, losing and winning are very common and often occur in all games. If balanced with a good game pattern, defeat can be turned into a fantastic victory. In essence, players who want to play online gambling need to design their best playing strategy first before starting slot gambling games.

Among the many slot gambling players in the world, here is a list of the most phenomenal joker123 slot gambling players in the world. No half-hearted, these 5 player names successfully conquered the very random slot machine gambling agent . Who are they?

The Most Phenomenal Slot Gambling Player of All Time

  1. Edward Thorp

The first position is occupied by Edward Thorp, an inventor of situs judi casino the computation system as well as a professor of physics and mathematics. Edward’s toughness in online gambling cannot be doubted. With high mathematical skills, he is able to analyze the numbers that come out of online slot gambling machines. In one day, Edward can make a profit of 70,000. Fantastic, right? If exchanged for rupiah, the nominal can reach hundreds of millions in just one day.

  1. Richard Marcus

The next name is Richard Marcus. In contrast to Edward Thorp, who succeeded because he used very good gambling tactics. Richard Marcus was able to win because he often cheated during gambling. When he manages to win, he will scream with joy to get the chips at stake. However, when he lost, he would be stunned and silently take back the bet he had placed somehow. In this way, Richard Marcus’ total losses when playing gambling can be minimized by himself, so that he does not suffer huge losses.

  1. Don Johnson
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Don Johnson is a very experienced gambler. He knows very well when a player manipulates online gambling games. So before that happened, Don had made surefire steps so that he didn’t get trapped by the manipulation of online gambling. With the ability to read manipulation, Don has made huge profits in online gambling. He was able to make a profit of more than Rp.70 billion in just one night at Las Vegas gambling. Really great, right?

  1. The MIT Blackjack Team

For those who have often played online gambling, they must be familiar with the name MIT Blackjack Team. This group is known for its spectacular gambling action. This team is filled with students from one of the leading universities in America who are conducting research on online gambling. With the research carried out, they are often paid by certain parties so that the profits achieved can be around 5 million in one year.

  1. Tommy Carmichael

And the last name is Tommy Carmichael. He is the most phenomenal slot machine conqueror. He was able to devise his own way of conquering slot machines. Behind his skill at conquering slot machines, he already knows how the actual slot machines work. So, Tommy once disguised himself as an employee at a slot machine manufacturing factory. Thus, he fully understands how slot machines work and begins to study them in order to get the most effective playing strategy. Thanks to his courage and determination, Tommy managed to make a profit of 10,000 in one day.

That is the name of the most phenomenal 123 joker slot gambling player . Who are the gambling players who are your role models?