The Origin of the Blackjack Game

Maybe the game of BlackJack is familiar to hear, games that use playing cards are very popular around the world. You could say BlackJack or 21 is a high-end gambling game, because luck is not enough in this game, you must be able to set a strategy and read your opponent’s mind, in this case the dealer.

People who have good analytical and strategic skills will definitely be challenged to try this BlackJack game. The number of people who want to try this BlackJack game overwhelms the casino because the places at the casino are very limited. With the current advancement of technology, playing BlackJack is no longer difficult because by visiting the SBOBET88 site, we can immediately try and experience this BlackJack game like in a casino. How did the game BlackJack originate? Come see the reviews here.

The Birth of the BlackJack Game in the World

BlackJack game is also known as game 21. Why is it called Judi Casino Terpercaya card game 21? Because with a total value of 21 means victory in this game. In the 17th century, the game of BlackJack was first played by the French community called Vingt-et-Un which in Indonesian means 21. Initially this game was only played by French people, but after a while many French people migrated to America. States, and residents of the United States started playing this game and changed the name of this game to BlackJack.

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However, in the United States, the game of BlackJack is made a rule where you have to bet before the card is opened and this is where BlackJack gambling begins. In 1913 the United States government finally legalized the BlackJack game to be played in casinos in the United States. This game eventually became famous because it was played by the people of the United States because America was the first country to legalize this BlackJack game.

Card Value In BlackJack

In US BlackJack games the score is 1 or 11. This value option can be selected according to what the player wants. As for the king, queen and jack cards, it has a score of 10. And for the remaining values ​​of the other cards 2-9 the value follows the number printed on the card.

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BlackJack Game Rules

  1. Initially the player places his bet in the middle of the table and in front of the dealer.
  2. Then the dealer will divide each player two cards face up and give 1 card face up and 1 card face down for himself.
  3. If the first two cards dealt by the dealer get a value of 21 then it is considered BlackJack and will be paid 1.5 times the number of bets that players place. However, if the dealer & player gets the BlackJack the dealer is considered to win in this game.
  4. Players who are not satisfied with the value of the cards they have received may continue to ask the dealer for cards to get closer to the total card value of 21.
  5. If the card value obtained by the player or banker is more than 21 then the player or dealer immediately is considered void and loses the bet.
  6. The rules for the dealer are slightly different from the players who may add cards at will or not. For the dealer, if the value of the card being held is less than 17 then the dealer is required to add more cards. And if the card the dealer holds is more than 17 then the dealer cannot add more cards, this is one of the general rules in the casino.

BlackJack In Online Casino

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