The origin of the game Black Jack

Black jack game was first discovered in European countries and to be precise in France. But a lot of other information says it is from other cities, so it is difficult to be sure with 100% where it really originated. Black jack game was popularized after entering America. Especially in the cowboy era, which was played a lot in the bars and small casinos of that era. Starting from farmers, workers and rich people really like to play black jack. The game is very much in love and is a place to hang out with friends and find new relationships. 

Why is the game of Black jack so popular and interested in many people nowadays. Because the biggest chance of winning in gambling games is currently still held by the Black jack game. Compared to other games, the Black jack game is very easy for beginner players to learn. So my advice if you only have a balance that is not too much, it’s a good idea to start from playing black jack to collect your playing capital.

Black jack games are also very popular in Asian countries. Especially qq slot pulsa during the era of the God of Gambler film, starring Chou Yun Fat. In the film, the game of black jack is the game of choice when the main character does not have the capital to play at the poker table. Over time, we can also find black jack games in all existing casinos. In fact, almost no casino does not provide black jack games. 

One more thing that makes the black jack game popular because there are ways and strategies you can do to win the black jack game. What is that? Mathematics, yes, by using the card counting technique, you can determine how many large cards are left on the table. This method was first introduced by 4 American army mathematicians. Then in 1962 a professor of mathematics from UCLA published the journal Beat the Dealer which in the journal describes your winning statistics against the bookie.

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At this time you can also find the black jack game on online gambling sites. My advice if you are just starting out playing online gambling, choose the black jack game. Because this game is very easy to learn and suitable for beginner players who only try and have a small balance to bet on. As your balance increases, then you can try other games that are provided from online gambling. One of the most trusted online gambling sites is sbobet88, sbobet88 has the best service and also a complete type of online gambling game. The process of disbursing funds was very fast. So what are you waiting for, register yourself immediately and beat the Bandar with the Black jack game.