The phenomenon of online poker gambling is booming in China

Online Poker Gambling is a gambling phenomenon, both in person and online, it is illegal in China. However due to China’s large population, offshore online poker operators are striving to achieve success in the thriving Chinese poker community despite strict gambling laws.

is gambling and both in person and online, it is illegal in China. However due to China’s large population, offshore online poker operators are striving to achieve success in the growing Chinese poker community despite strict gambling laws.

Although not permitted by the Chinese authorities, big names like PokerStars and 888Poker are quietly accepting Chinese poker players on their platforms, as evidenced by the number of Chinese players seen in this table of online subscribers.

In October 2014, The Guardian published a lengthy article daftar poker pulsa showing how Bet365, a UK-based company, was more proactive in addressing the gambling needs of the Chinese community by constantly changing its IP address in hopes of avoiding meetings with Chinese authorities.

For them, the benefits far outweigh the risks. They’ve even hired a lot of Mandarin speaking staff to pay attention to the players in the country.

For obvious legal reasons, this strategy cannot underlie the continued growth of poker in China. Offshore operators can take risks by recruiting players. However, due to more and more obstacles created by Beijing, they will never be able to promote the game in the mass media to the mainstream.

There are alternatives that seem to carry a refreshing perspective on how poker can thrive in a legally harsh environment. One option is to play poker as a social game similar to that offered by Zynga – where there are no real money transactions and the game is played just for Bandar Bola Resmi.

Online Poker: As a Means of Entertainment

Unfortunately, playing just for fun doesn’t meet the needs of more serious players. For this reason, the Chinese Internet giant has developed a smart model in which players can play without real money transactions but still get the prize money they want.

BACA JUGA:  Online Poker

Ourgame, owner of the WPT brand and provider of card and board games, has designed Monster Poker the way players play with “gold” credits that can be converted into cash prizes or Tickets for Live events such as the WPT Sany a. The platform has achieved tremendous success across all game boundaries and hundreds of players have already qualified for the Chinese Edition of the WPT.

In contrast, internet giant Tencent, which owns Wechat and other internet applications, is also promoting its own poker product, called “Tencent Poker”, on Chinese social media. Being one of the top 10 public companies in the world, its involvement in the Chinese poker scene can only provide certainty in the growth of the game in China.

Ultimately, the phrase “When there is a will, there is a way” is perhaps most appropriate for the poker community in the People’s Republic of China because despite all the challenges, all the difficulties, all the laws the poker community faces, they somehow find a way to play.

The game they really like. With a proven history and up-to-date statistics on tournament and prize pool participation and spawning new online opportunities to play poker, the statement “Poker is thriving in China” can quickly go from being just a topic of conversation to an economic fact that the whole world of gambling must have. faced and enjoyed.

Online Poker: Asian Poker League: Beijing & Shanghai

Despite these perceptions, Mainland China still sees major events taking place in the country – such as the 2016 Asia Poker League (APL) tournament, hosted by the Beijing Poker Club in Beijing with a $ 500,000 prize pool.

With the development of this trend, Mainland China is sure to see a bigger event. This November will be the second game of the Asian Poker League to take place in Shanghai.

Thus a review of the phenomenon of Online Poker which is so booming in China, hopefully this reading can provide information and a source of inspiration for those of you who read it.