The Secret of Joker Slot Gambling Cards

One type of joker slot gambling game that is very popular with bettors is playing card games. Where in the playing gambling game, playing cards are one of the media used to play. Do you understand, there are many types of playing cards, such as queen (Q), king (K), jack (J), and ace (Ace). Did you know that these cards have secrets? Here we will explain the secrets of playing cards from joker slot gambling.

The first secret of the playing card joker slot gambling is that the actual number of playing cards is 52 playing cards, if the playing cards are added with the joker then the total is 53 cards, if you know the number of playing cards, the total of 52 cards is actually continuous with the number of weeks. in one year. In one year there are weeks in a year if we count the total there are 52 weeks. The total is equal to 52 playing cards.

Second, if we still link the number of playing cards, which totaled 52 cards, to the week, we can see that in one week we will know there are 7 days. And if we look deeper into 52 playing cards, we can break them into 5 + 2 = 7 which means the number 7 which represents 7 days. believe it or not, but in this game it is truly amazing that there is in the world of joker slot gambling.

The third secret of playing card joker slot gambling is agen judi evolution gaming where you need to know that playing cards have various forms such as spade (waru), heart (heart), diamond (diamond), club (curly). You need to know that each form of playing card symbolizes the various seasons in England. For example, the spade-shaped playing card (waru) which symbolizes winter, the heart-shaped card which symbolizes autumn, the diamond-shaped card (diamond) which symbolizes spring, and the club or curly shape which symbolizes summer.

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In the playing card joker slot gambling game, each form of card has 13 cards, namely AS, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. J, Q, K. You need to know if the 13 cards are in The playing card joker slot gambling defines the number of weeks in a season. Where every season in the UK, has 13 weeks.

If we pay closer attention, the playing cards in the joker slot gambling game have 2 colors in the playing cards used by players, namely red and black. Did you know, that color has a deep meaning. red which means day and black which means night.

That is the information from us regarding the secrets that you should know from the playing card joker slot gambling game, from here you can understand some of the meanings in playing cards along with their deep meaning. Hopefully what we’ve explained to you can help the players.