These leagues are suitable for playing Over Under

One of the types of bets available on online soccer betting games on Sbobet and Ibcbet is Over Under (above below). This type of play is much simpler than regular pairing where there is a voor-vooran system that no one understands.

The over under game is a game of guessing the number of goals in an match. Whether the goals scored can exceed the market opened by the dealer. Generally, the dealer will open a 2.5 ball market and the bettor’s job is to guess whether the number of goals can be above 2.5 or under 2.5.

Example: Milan vs Atalanta match in Serie A, the over under market is 2.5. The task of the bettor is to guess whether the goals scored in this match are above 2.5 goals or under 2.5 goals. Say the score is 2-1, then the pair over 2.5 is considered the winner because there were 3 goals in that match. Conversely, if the score is 1-0 or 1-1, then the pair above 2.5 is considered to lose.

Now from several Leagues in European competitions Agen Judi Bola Sbobet, there are several leagues that are worth observing to be used as a profit from your bet. The number of goals which has a trend in large numbers makes many players put up over in these European leagues.

Which leagues usually have a trend toward high goalscoring? The answer is in the following leagues:

League statistics over 3.5 average goals:

  • Dutch League (Holland Eredivisie): 45.45%
  • Belgian League (Jupiler League): 39.29%
  • Premier League: 35.71%
  • German League (Bundesliga): 33.33%
  • Turkish League (SuperLig): 32.79%
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Statistics with average goals above 2.5:

  • Dutch League (Holland Eredivisie): 68.18%
  • German League (Bundesliga): 66.67%
  • Danish League (SuperLiga): 66.67%
  • Belgian League (Jupiler League): 57.14%
  • Italian League (Serie A): 54.43%

Now from the statistics above, we can see that the Dutch League, which is inhabited by names such as Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, Feyenord Rotterdam, Twente, etc., can score over 3.5 in 45% of their matches.

In second place is the Belgian League which is home to teams like Anderlecht, Brugges, Standard Liege, etc. This league also always presents a large number of goals with an average of 39.29%.

The average number of goals scored means that your option to play over under in these leagues has a greater chance of winning. Playing over in the leagues mentioned above will have a bigger chance of winning.

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