This is the Menu or Function of the Real Online Poker IDN Citrus

Sitedarftarjudionline – We, as a provider ofIndonesian Online Poker Gambling Tips and Tricks , present an article that might help you find tips and tricks to win online poker gambling on the official IDN Poker site.

When you want to join an online gambling site, the first thing to do is pay attention to the appearance of the site, right? This is indeed an obligation for bettors because by paying attention to the appearance and also the menus on the site, it will be even more helpful for you to play online gambling games on that site.

One site that has a display and a complete menu at this time situs slot deposit pulsa is a site with IDN Poker providers. So for novice players who want to start playing online gambling and don’t understand what the menu on the site is, we recommend choosing a site because the menu displayed is clear enough for novice players. So are you curious about that? Therefore, the IDN Poker site will explain what the menus on the IDN Poker site are for to our readers.

Menu functions that you will find on the IDN Poker Site

Usually the official online sites will always provide a complete menu for members. The goal, of course, is for members to be more comfortable when accessing the site, so what are the menus and functions? Here’s the explanation:

  • Home

The first menu you will find on online sites is the home menu or what is commonly called the homepage. This menu serves to return to the home page of the gambling site, for example, if you are in another menu and want to return to the main page of the site, just click on the home menu. List In addition to the home menu, there will usually be a menu list. Of course the purpose of this menu is to register yourself on the IDN site. Every bettor who wants to join a site, is required to access this menu to create an account. Game

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In accordance with the name of the menu, games, on the menu there are several types of games provided by the site. This site with IDN Poker providers will always present 7 types of online gambling games. For those of you who don’t know what the game is, then you can try reading the previous article entitled What Are the Games Provided by IDN Poker Sites?

  • Promotions

In this menu, you will be given an explanation of the promos offered by online gambling sites. So you will not be confused when joining this site, select the promotion menu and see what promos this site offers.

  • Reference

This menu is used when you want to invite friends to join a gambling site using your referral link. Of course, by using referrals to invite friends, you will of course get a bonus later.

  • Jackpot

Surely all online gambling bettors know what is called a jackpot, right? Yes, this jackpot is the biggest prize in gambling games and on online sites there is a jackpot menu that contains an explanation of the jackpot and also the calculation of this jackpot.

  • Mobile

One of the best advantages of the IDN Poker site is the availability of a special mobile application where bettors don’t have to get tired of opening a PC just to access the game.

  • Help Menu

The last menu on online gambling sites is the help menu. In this menu there are contacts from this gambling site that you can contact when you want to ask for help or ask about the site. So, you only need to select the contacts available in this menu.

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With this article discussing the menu on the IDN Poker Online site, we hope you have understood this and hope this article will be of use to bettors reading this.