Why do people like to gamble

Gambling is an activity that has been around for a long time, maybe even thousands of years ago. Even before the time of the prophets, it existed. Gambling is not a positive activity, because gambling is a bad habit, even there are only a few benefits that can be obtained from the many bad things, but still this gambling activity still exists today.

So then the question is, what actually makes many people like to play it until now. Now on this occasion we will discuss what makes people like to play gambling, let’s start 

Desire, a simple word that has an extraordinary effect that can even change the way of life of all people, if what is desired is positive then the result is also positive, if what you want is negative then the result is also negative

Get a lot of money, many people are betting because it is considered this way can bring money, without us having to bother working to get money

Hobbies, there are also people who like to gamble because he likes this activity and it is carried out regularly and regularly so that the person considers gambling to be his hobby Situs Sbobet. Just like someone who likes singing, he can karaoke at home or at karaoke. Just like those who like to watch, they will collect their favorite films and even go to the cinema. Just like gambling, he will try to hang out with friends who like to gamble, or even go to the casino, that’s if it’s considered a hobby. 

Reasons People are Addicted to Playing Gambling

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There are several reasons for someone to become addicted to gambling, including:

  • Association

Of course, this is one of the influences, introduced or invited to play with friends, until finally liking and continuing to play has become a common story among gamblers.

  • Chaos

Many of the gambling players like to play gambling because of the sensation of tension, so that it keeps them playing and playing, because they like something exciting and tense in gambling games that they think are fun. Just like people who like exterme sports, sports that are usually high risk or death-defying, these athletes do it because they think it’s fun, stressful and healthy, so they do it again and again.

  • Addiction or addiction,
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Something that makes us happy, then it will make us want to do it again and again until we don’t realize that it has made us addicted because we want to repeat it over and over again to get a sense of joy, excitement, tension and more

Now from the explanation above it can be seen that in addition to the factor of being able to win, getting a lot of money without having to work hard, it turns out that there are other factors that make why someone can be addicted or addicted to gambling. 

Whereas on the other hand, as a healthy and mature person, everyone who plays gambling is aware that he cannot necessarily win, maybe even lose a lot or have a lot of debt, go bankrupt because playing gambling. But still people still play. Just like extreme sports activities, for example Parkour, sports that require endurance, physical ability and qualified skills. Play parkour in tall buildings or skyscrapers, jump from one building to the next. Why is it still being done even though when asked they know the risk of injury, fracture and even loss of life, but still it is done. 

We cannot limit what other people enjoy and like, much less prohibit them from doing so. 
Even though gambling is legally prohibited, in fact there are still many people who like to play gambling, but what does it all mean if we can’t do what we like, including playing gambling.

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